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    Due to the imminent arrival of a new company car, I am reluctantly selling my beloved Alfa Romeo 156.

    It's a 2003, in metallic Stromboli Grey, originally on a '53 plate, though now carries the registration M1 00MPA, which can either be included or excluded from the sale.

    There are 39,000 miles on the clock and it has full service history, almost a years tax and insurance. It is a 1.6 T Spark, petrol, which is quite economical and reasonable on insurance.

    It has had replacement rear brakes, rear tyres and a new windscreen. It's in excellent condition. It's relaiable, comfortable and gorgeous!

    It has all the extras, including CD and dual climate control, loads of air bags and an alarm with central remote locking, electric everything and fogs

    Please PM me or email me for details, or to arrange a viewing/test drive.

    I live very close to Mansfield in Nottinghamshire

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    Crikey Mark, I never new you could drive, thought you always got chaufered:lol:
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    Hey Steve!

    I lost the chaufer after moving away from the Midlands! LOL ;) I always awaited Wilkie's offer, but it never came!...