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    Aldbourne Band
    CD Release

    Aldbourne Band is very pleased to announce the release of its latest recording. Directed by Steve Sykes and simply entitled “Aldbourne”, the disc contains a variety of popular concert music including such items as “Shine As The Light”, “Gaelforce” and “Trumpet Blues & Cantabile”.

    The disc also includes some extremely reflective music in Gareth Wood’s beautiful “Japanese Slumber Song” and John Rutter’s “The Lord Bless You and Keep You”.

    The band showcases some fine soloists in the form of Kevin Robbins (cornet) with Phillip Harper’s demanding arrangement of “Hungarian Melodies”, David Johnson (Euphonium) with “Home on The Range”, Claudia Tomkins (Flugel Horn), “You Needed Me” and Phil Trudgeon (Xylophone), “Helter Skelter”.

    Last but certainly not least, the disc offers the opportunity to hear the band’s 15 year old Principal Trombonist, Stephen Sykes, a rising star of the instrument and recent brass finalist in the BBC Young Musician Of The Year Competition. Stephen gives a very stylish rendition of “Why Did I Choose You”

    The CD was recorded by Charlie Flemming (thanks Chas), and is currently in production. The disc is scheduled for release in time for the band’s concert with Evelyn Glennie at The Colston Hall, Bristol on Friday 17th November. The recording (and Evelyn Glennie tickets) can be purchased from the band by clicking onto their web-site:

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    Aldbourne Band
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  2. DaveR

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    Hi Rob,

    Sounds like an interesting CD - I'll have to get hold of a copy. I was wondering though who did the arrangement of The Lord Bless You and Keep You? I've just published an arrangement of that, and I was told by the copyright holder that mine was the only published arrangement for band :confused:

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    Hi Dave, the arrange is by Klass Van Der Woude - so this may be registered in the the Netherlands perhaps, for copyright.
    We performed this arrangement in the Yeovil Entertainment Contest - and audience and adjudicator loved it. You can find contact details on our web-site for where to purchase the CD from.
    Rob Williams