Albert Hall price increase

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    Hark at her !
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    It isn't one of the world's finest concert venues. It's one of the world's most iconic, with a prestigious location and history, and that I think is what catches our imagination. But the acoustic is truly problematic - and our holding our showpiece contesting event there I think has something to do with the inflation of banding dynamics over the last couple of decades - an inflation that is not to the pleasure of our concert audiences or particularly musically justified. I've played there a few times (including a couple of times while band contesting) but I've listened there more, and it destroys carefully judged balances in many places in the hall - for example, before now I've sat in the arena watching the BBCSO trombones deploying some righteous tazz, while my ears tell me that the strings are drowning them out. Symphony Hall, for example, offers a far superior acoustic experience.
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    I guess it depends what you define as what is 'finest' or 'best' and why you come to that conclusion. For me, playing in one of the modern halls such as The Sage Gateshead, or Symphony Hall, they sometimes feel rather too new, almost lacking in soul a little.

    Having never graced the other major concert halls of world music, i cant compare, but i'd love to know how these places compare to other venues in the world. Certainly the Europeans never seem to have too much trouble booking different venues for one offs, why cant we do that over here? or is the type of venue just not available in this country? not too big, big enough, close to everyone with loads of hotels, but in a central major city, where the food and drink isnt too expensive!?!?!
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    If you can't afford the food and drink you probably shouldn't be there!
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    Just in passing....I agree that it's a great event...but I've never found it 'nice' to either play or work in especially (and the latter view is also held by a lot of my friends and colleagues who work in there a lot, some of them almost exclusively!)...but one does tend to get caught up in the 'occasion'!
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    That is an entirely different thing tho, i hate where i work. Its a stinky horrible distribution centre. Possibly one of the best in the country tho. For any transport and logistics fans out there, they'd probably love to come and have a look around it. Our canteen is very reasonably priced, weatherspoons round the corner, morrisons and tesco nearby, plenty of places to sit in groups, loads of parking...

    ... hang on - we could hold the lower section finals here!!!
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    Well, Keith is talking about how the acoustic affects recording professionals, he's not talking about being an usher there...
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    It does appear most players who have played at the RAH agree it is the experience which is extra special. I have been fortunate to take the stage myself, and even though my first time was back in 1955 , I still vividly remember how I felt seeing the vastness of the hall .....the space ....the sea of faces in a capacity audience..... and the amazing way silence descended waiting for us to begin. What an experience for a kid from a small village .
    Amazing, truly amazing.
    No matter how many times I played there after that ( quite a few actually ) That first time is the most memorable by far. That is what the RAH is to a bandsman ( in my opinion anyway )
    I don't recall much of the performance, not even what the music was , but to me it was the equivalent of a footballer playing at Wembley . My wish is for many more players in the future to experience that same thrill as I did so long ago.

    Many of my friends who have played there say the same. So as far as I am concerned I care not about the acoustics , most bands play as they rehearse anyway, and don't worry about such things when taking the stage.

    PS .. I am the first to admit the RAH has problems ,,,but as a player, I still love the place.

    I am first to admit, there are problems logistically and acoustical.
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