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    I'm in the process of documenting my grandfather's life (Albert Chappell) in both photos and information and have exhausted family and the contacts I have. What I'm after are programmes or photos from Albert's banding days with any band: The Salvation Army (Rugby or Coventry), City of Coventry Band, Desford Colliery, St Austell or any other band he may have taken over the years.
    I simply need to read them and / or scan them and promise to return them in the exact same condition as I receive them.

    In particular I need a copy of the 1971 Midland Area programme as I have all the others but am missing this one.

    If you are able to help in anyway I'd be very grateful, please contact me via PM.

    Thank you.
  2. TheMusicMan

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    As long as you have the permission of the copyright holder of the images to scan them... fine.

    Good luck.
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    Hi Nikki

    Your grandfather was my trombone tutor for several years in the late 80's/early 90's in Cornwall. He was also conducting the Cornwall Youth Brass Band at that time and it may be worth contacting them, if you haven't already, as I'm sure that they will have lots of photo's/programmes that are of interest to you.

    Also if you contact St. Austell Band through they may be able to help. I know that there are several pictures of Albert still at the bandroom to this day and I expect that they will have material for you.

    Best of luck with your project and I will have a look at home to see if I can find anything relevant stored away (although finding it may be a bit more difficult!). Your grandfather was a truelly awesome tutor and there are many players in my current band (Camborne Town) who had lessons with him over the years.


    Barry Buist
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    The history of Coventry City SA Band has been documented in a book written by Ken Elliot. Within it I believe there is a chapter on your Granded as bandmaster and also some information on him as Deputy Bandmaster before that. Ken (in conjunction with others) has also produced a DVD with the history of the band and includes many old photos.

    To get in touch with Ken I suggest that you write to him c/o the Salvation Army, Upper Well Street, Coventry.

    Hope this helps

  5. PeterBale

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    If you can't manage to track it down, I have a copy that you could borrow if necessary. The book is called "A band with a name", the relevant chapter being entitled "Time of change - 1951-1959".
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    Don't know if this is of any help, but here is a picture of your grandad with Desford from 1977 on the Sounds Of Brass LP SB 328

    Desford (Albert Chappell).jpg
  7. TheMusicMan

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    Crikey Tom - haven't we come a long way wrt album covers since then eh! That's just an awful cover...
  8. brassneck

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    - and playing as well ... I had a listen to it this morning. I took note of Desford's progress when their previous conductor (Ernest Woodhouse) was also professional at the band I was at back yonder! Memories of a young James Watson sitting in for a blow. I wonder what happened to him? :rolleyes:
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    I remember that LP! My goodness, how have things changed, for the better ofcourse.
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    Hi Nikki, I took over from Albert as MD Coventry Imperial band back in the 1970's. I know several of the players from that band, the Clay brothers in particular now play for Bedworth band. Might be worth looking them up. His was a big footstep to follow!!
  11. Nikki T

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    Thanks for that, I saw the Clay brothers at a recent City of Coventry B Band reunion, which my husband was invited to although he was never really a member of the B Band, just the main band.