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    I'm looking for the brass gym... Does anyone know where some of my pupils can purchase this book without having to pay the best part of £50 for it? An extraordinary amount of money for a study book with CD in this day and age although granted a good quality one? It used to be available on Euphonium store at a price relevant to real people in the real world but seems to not be on there now unfortunately. Any ideas? I also could do with "Flexus" which is the new updated Caruso style trumpet Calisthenics exercises and I would also like the Mystery to Mastery books, but they only seem to be available via highly expensive imports. Any ideas?
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    Check out the Links page on FMFK

    Lots of free music for training on the site including very useful backing tracks...
    however if you are looking for reasonably priced books to purchase there are some quality offerings from the links page direct from the authors websites.
    including a link to a out of copyright Arban tutor.

    every little helps.
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    Thanks for that, it came up as out of stock when i looked, do you happen to do the Tuba one as well Steven...
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    Hi Toby
    I've ordered some tuba Brass Gym books and hope to have them in the store very soon. I'll send you a PM as soon as I get them. Thanks.