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    I tried to post this on Chris Helme`s Sunday Bandstand news re Alan Morrison, but I`m not on Facebook.

    I wish Alan a happy, healthy and on-going retirement, but suspect he will keep busy with adjudicating and the odd `out of the public eye` secret performance, here and there . . . . . . I owe him a huge thank you to his magnificent MD`ing to the BTM band recordings we did with Bob Barratt and my arrangements & compositions for the Carlin Recorded Music Library in 1989. I believe we didn`t get to one of Barry Island`s pubs for lunch time refreshments. Just to let him know that `Heart of Oak` has been the most successful track, being used regularly in TV`s Poirot series. I owe Alan a huge lunch with couple of bottles of 12 & 1/2% to sip. You take care man . . . . !
    Tony Wakefield
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    Hello Tony - I have found your message - I am not on Facebook - I dumped them after they took some money from my PayPal account with out explanation a few years ago. My programme Sunday Bandstand plays out to 14 community radio stations (9 in the UK and 5 overseas). I also send it out on a mixcloud link to over 200 individuals around the world. I post it on The Mouthpiece as you have found. If you would like to receive the show on a regular basis I can add your email to my distribution list. You would receive it as a mixcloud link (I have to do that for licensing purposes) each week and then you can listen to it or delete - it would be your choice.

    Back in 2014 on a Christmas time show I put together a carol compilation with Brighouse and Rastrick playing - two of the carols were arranged by a certain Anthony Wakefield - would that be you....?

    I did not know about Alan's retirement myself until I emailed him about the solo I played.

    PS - My own website should be up and running at the end of the month and that has an archive of close on 200 two hour shows dating back to 2014. It also has CD reviews on it and as time goes on much more including other things I do - writing, public speaking and lots of other things.

    Best wishes

  3. TonyW

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    Hi Chris, you`ve just given me a reason to rest from shovelling new soil onto the front garden. Thanks :) I will surely take a look at your new site when my `puter is up and running properly again. Altho` I can use and hear Sibelius software, I`ve got no sound for mp3s, BBC or your audio samples. Couldn`t open your `bandstand` link above also, so I reckon it`s time to spend a few euros? I mean `pennies` on calling out my service engineer.

    Alan & I have not kept in touch regularly over the years, but he`s allowed me to send a few scores up the M1 from time to time. I look for BBC radio BB airings from time to time, but I don`t understand them any more, as they don`t seem to be weekly anymore. I suspect that in the last few years, the `bosses` of BB have been a bit lack not pushing for more air time. It should be time now to up the effort, as the Beeb are indeed increasing live music, even on Radio 2. Just a thought.

    Funny story - RAMC Staff Band were doing a Bandstand recording (in the days when) and we had a terrible Eb clarinet `player?`. After the rehearsal ended we took a short break and when our Eb clarinet stood up, he knocked his clarinet off his chair and it actually landed inside (no lie) a nearby waste paper basket. It ruined all the rest of the band`s stability & control during the recording. When it was broadcast, bits of distant sniggering were heard thru`out. No one was actually put on a charge. My apologies, as this tale is not related to BB.

    And hear`s a thought I`ve often mused over - two Eb cornets, 1st & 2nd in the BB instrumentation????? Don`t all shoot at the same time fellas! You`ll all enjoy me dying more slowly :( :)

    I originally hail from Warrington, which in those olden days was very much part of Lancashire. I`m now in Surrey but I still consider I`m very much a Lancastrian :)

    Thanks for your mail and take care - - - - `a certain Anthony Wakefield`
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    Thanks for your reply Tony... Funny story ...Alex Mortimer and the CWS (Manchester) Band were in London playing at one of the London parks. Unfortunately the band's kit player could not attend so Alex brought in a 'dep' - a professional no less. The band was ready and Alex brought his stick down aimed at the new kit player - the indication for the opening drum roll for the national anthem .... nothing, the kit player never moved. Alex tried again - still nothing - Alex tried for the last time still nothing - No fourth time just 'Yah sacked' he shouted at the drummer - What about the kit you will be thinking - No problem Alex promoted one of the bass players. Pointing his stick at the player - Yar'on drums - Apparently he did not make a bad job of it considering he had never played a drum in his life before......Ah well that's banding.... I will look out for more tracks you have written and give those an airing as well.


  5. TonyW

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    Chris, put me on your list to receive mixcloud links (whatever that may be). Thanks.
  6. ChrisHelme

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    Hello Tony

    Yes I will do that all I need is an email address so I can send it direct to you. You could send it to my then only I see it.


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