Alan DOESN'T have B.O!...

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Redhorn, May 27, 2005.

  1. Redhorn

    Redhorn New Member

    Danbury, Essex.
    We at BBB would like to clarify that one of our Euph players, Alan, DOES NOT suffer with B.O! We are finding it hard to find someone to sit next to him, to play 2nd Euph, at our gig in Savill Gardens, Windsor, on Sunday 5th June 2-4.30pm.

    If you are interested in sitting next to Alan, please PM me or email me on the address below.

    Also, if you play cornet and fancy joining us next Sunday, feel free to get in touch with me. You can sit where you like, although hopefully not next to Alan 'cos that seat will be taken! ;)

    Permanent vacancies on Solo/Rep/2nd/3rd Cornet & Tuned/Untuned percussion remain. Dominique is particularly looking forward to someone joining her on percussion, so she can share her sweets during practice nights! (NB: Unfortunately the seat next to Alan is not available full time!)

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