Air Varie's and Slow Melodies

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    I'm currently working on Wiederkehr, which I love and have picked up easily(ish) after many years of hearing my brother play it on baritone. But are there any Air Varie's which are easier or more suited to cornet?

    Also I want some more slow melodies to have a go at, currently i'm playing Bless this House and The Lost Chord, and working on Apres un Reve (which I Love!!) got any ideas of similar solos?

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    I don't know Wiederkehr but there are loads of Air Varie and slow melody solos in The Salvation Army band journals.

    There is an excellent Cornet Solos Album which contains a mix of both types and comes with piano accompaniment.

    If you're looking for solos with band accompaniment, we've put many of the popular ones on the World of Brass website. Try clicking on THIS which should bring up three pages worth.
    Of the slow melodies, Share My Yoke has proved extremely popular with many players. Other slow melodies you could think about are Crugybar, Healing Waters and Someone Cares.

    Have a listen to the soundbites of some of the Air Varies like Wondrous Day, Tucker and Victorious and see what you think.
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    A great slow melody is 'Softly Awakes my Heart' from Samson and Delihla. Nessun Dorma is great too, but a tad short for some people's likings. If you can find it, the Flugel Horn solo 'Concerto d'Aranjuez Mon Amore' (spelt something like that) is also lovely, although I actually prefer the original guitar and orchestra version :shock: (edit; while does that smile never work!!! :( )

    As for AV's, it depends on your standard. The is an 'easy' version of Carnival of Venice that, if played well, can be quite effective.

    At a more complex level, try the book WorldofBrass said. You could also try the 'Carnival' book (get the CD with it too, Winton Marsallis (spelling again!) is amazing).

    Zelda is a nice piece, but it's a 'Caprice' and so probably wouldn't qualify as an AV, although if you're not doing it for a competition, it's brilliant.
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    Hi thanx for the suggestions! I already have orange juice (concerto d'Aranjuez) cos my mum used to play it before she went back on horn! I will have a look out for softly awakes my heart, sound nice!

    I don't really know what my standard is, I think I'm about grade 4ish but I have taken any exams for years! I can play Weiderkeir fairly well don't know if thats any help with working out what standard I am, like I sed my brother used to play it all the time from when he was about 10 and he would have been about grade 3/4 then I expect!

    Isn't Carnival of Venice really hard? I tried to play The Ash Grove but couldn't get into!

    Thanx for all the advice
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    If you play in a band, ask your librarian to help in the search of suitable solos. Mind you, whenever I've been looking through the folders, it always seems that players borrow the solo parts and forget to return them. :-?
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    Softly awakes my Heart really is amazing. You can get so much emotion just from the dynamics. I always play the lod bit in the 4/4 really really loud. As loud as I can play without sounding like I'm blasting, and then come right down as quiet as I can go straight after. It suprises a lot of people.

    The 'proper' Carnival of Venice is very very hard, but there is an easy one with no tricky tounging or fingering etc. I'll see if I can dig it out and get the arranger's name.
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    Oh my beloved father is great! requires so much control tho cos ofthe octave leaps. also the old faviorates rusalkas song to the moon and my love is like a red red rose, they are both great
    Wot about Concorde? thats good and is quite flashy!
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    Hi there

    Try and get hold of a copy of the "Soloists Campanion" published by wright and round - this includes lots of different Aire Varies and also some triple tonguing polkas.

    For slow melodies, get hold of "29 Cornet Solos", by Walter Beeler. There also a great book on the ABRSM Grade 5 syllabus - "Trumpet in Church", which includes some really good slow melodies and piano accompaniment.

    Other good examples, include "The Holy City", "The Star of Bethlehem", "Nirvana" all by Stephen Adams. You can get copies of the piano music from the Boosey & Hawkes Website.

    Have fun!
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    it's one of my favourite pieces, ahhhh I nearly cry after I play's soo good

    The easy carnival of venice, which is still a lil hard is by Herbert Clarke..i luv that!!!
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    concorde is a awesome piece, if it's the one by roy newsome???
    It was the testpiece at nationals for junior cornet...I won junior c of c at the vbl solos with it..... it's challenging but a great piece to show off technique!!
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    There's another cute solo you may consider ... 'Kim' by Allan Street. Not played very often these days and it's style was way ahead of it's time when written.
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    Yup its by Roy Newsome, well done you!!!

    Kim is rather hard, took me ages to work up when i was on cornet, the whole back valving section at the end is tricky!

    yeah you can get the soloist companion, theres 3 volumes of them, most of them are old air varies, with stuff like, Weidiker, Endering young charms, carnival of venice (real hard one) belle american etc...
    they are good and give you something to work up towards