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  1. Ditchda

    Ditchda New Member

    Right, I'm getting desperate- what's the easiest air-vairie anyone can think of that can be played on trombone? So long as it's in Eb, Bb, tenor clef or bass clef I can read it fine.
  2. Hells Bones

    Hells Bones Active Member

    Easy? difficult one.

    What have you tried and what level are you at?
  3. Ditchda

    Ditchda New Member

    Well... I had a go at 'in cellar cool' and that just threw me because i'm an appalling sight reader and I didn't know the tune. I've done 'Barnacle Bill the Sailor' on my bass which is great but I'm not quite there with the fourth variation. I'm sort of grade six-ish standard...
  4. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    What is this Air Varie intended for. Im no repertoire expert but why does it have to be air varie and what are you intending on using it for? Showing off / Band Concert / Recital / Orchestral audition?? Makes a big difference.
  5. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    I agree with Steve - it does make a big difference what you need the piece for and personally I would much prefer trombonists to steer clear of air varies in preferance to the other fab repertoire available BUT you asked about air varies so you obviously need an air varie!

    The very first air varie my daughter played on trombone was "the happy farmer" when she was 9 and had been playing for around 9 months. The next one she did was about 18 months ago when she was 10 and G6, she played "Long, long ago" . The last air vaire she played was at a competition in May 2008 where she played my arrangement of The Harmonious Blacksmith.

    Any of the H Round air varies are fine for about G6 standard - even if they are a bit dull!

    Hope that helps.
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  6. Ditchda

    Ditchda New Member

    Air-varie competition, mate. Slightly unavoidable :S

    Ta muchly, I will give them a look :)
  7. Di

    Di Active Member

    When I was but a wee lass (many ... many years ago :rolleyes::-? ) I had an aire varie arrangement of Men of Harlech, which was for trombone. Just had a look through the cupboards at music left over from such days, but can't put my hand on it to find out who arranged/published it I'm afraid.

    Edit: There is one here, (and round does sound familiar) but it doesn't specify air varie. There's also one for euph by Hartmann
  8. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    There's a Pryor one, possibly Loves Enchantment, that's relatively straight forward.
  9. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    Yup, it's H Round and that is the one on the Just Music site. It works well for trombone (as do the H Round versions of Blue Bells of Scotland and Yankee Doodle). The trombone part is written in tenor clef (just checked in my filing cabinet for it) and on the other side its in treble clef. Copy is not brilliant though - a bit poor typesetting because its quite old and was never re-set.

    I would have thought love's enchantment is a bit hard for G6/7 level Lynchie and technically its not an air vaire but a valse.
  10. Ditchda

    Ditchda New Member

    Do you know if Nazareth from H. round is an air-varie? It sounds familiar but they don't say whether it is or not.:confused:
  11. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    You're absolutely right, I somehow missed the bit about the grade 6 standard. Having dug out my big book of Pryor solos, it turns out I meant thoughts of love, which is somewhat easier, but possibly still a bit hard, and also a Valse now that I look at it, so he'd be disqualified anyway.

    All in all, I was being fairly useless.
  12. 08cbinns

    08cbinns Member

    Have you tried Lucy Long? Nothing demanding in it.
  13. Ditchda

    Ditchda New Member


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