Air Raid Siren

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by BOB, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. BOB

    BOB Member

    Does anyone have an air raid siren we could borrow or hire ? Please send me a message
  2. Hornted

    Hornted Member

    Air raid


    A couple of years ago we required an air raid siren so put an appeal on the local radio, within a couple of hours we had offers of about 10 to borrow - so may be something you could try -
  3. andyh

    andyh Supporting Member

    When we were booked to play in the Officers Mess of our local RAF base this summer they had a siren on a small portable stand which was wound up whenever one of the guests left the room for a "convenience break" (I don't know why; perhaps they had to get back to their seat before it stopped?!). Apparently it was a long-standing tradition.

    Anyway to cut a long story short, why not contact a base near you and ask if they have one similar that you could borrow?

  4. no2taz

    no2taz Member

    why the siren might it be for a performance of "manchester tale"
  5. BOB

    BOB Member

    Could well be - alternatively the band room was "strafed" 3 times last week and we're getting fed up of it !!
    Seriously we're still looking - going to try the radio idea on Monday. Any more ideas/offers
    gratefully received.
  6. no2taz

    no2taz Member

    I have performed manchester tale a few times and each time the band had a siren recorded on to a cd and played using one of those portable pa system thingys (the ones yoiu ge in schools) can be hired for the day from any good sound and light shop
  7. BOB

    BOB Member

    Radio appeal worked a treat. Siren now in place in the percussion section - thanks for the idea

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