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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by jpbray, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. jpbray

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    At least 99.9% of bands around the country must have the red carol book, for the Christmas busking season. However does anyone know of other books for other times during the year for when you could cobble together half a dozen or so players (where you might not have all parts covered) to do a bit of busking to help raise funds.

    Only one I can think of at the moment is Tunes and Toasts.
  2. steve butler

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    I have a little black book, it comes in handy when I need players for covering
  3. satchmo101

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    I've seen a 20 famous marches book. Contains as the name suggests 20 famous marches.
  4. on_castors

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    If it's the one I can think of, Ravenswood & The Champions for 6 would be nothing short of cruelty - to both players and audience! :frown:
  5. Thirteen Ball

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    Truth to tell, I only know of Tunes and Toasts as well.

    Best thing to do is try and stick a few ten piece pads together. Much better than buying a book of stuff because that way you can choose what goes in it.

    Loads of publishers do small ensemble stuff that's based around 4/5 key parts with the rest just augmenting the core so there should be plenty of choice.
  6. TubaGeek

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    What are the actual tunes in "Tunes and Toasts"?
  7. tam-tam2

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    Oh dear, geek!! You don't know....... next time you come to band I will get the books out and we will play a few!!

    Mr could always just use the Hymn books!!