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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Lonny, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Lonny

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    Hi all
    In case anyone is interested, we are running an Aussie rules footy tipping via our band's website. We are Darebin City Brass which consists of three bands - Preston Band (A Grade), Northern Brass (brand new intermediate band) and our Youth Group. We are based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia!

    Everyone is welcome and the more the merrier!! You can use an alias, and you place your tips via the web. Come and take on the Darebin players!

    The cost is $25 Aussie dollars. The prizes will be worked out once entries close (20th March) but to give an indication, first prize is usually above $150! :clap:

    Any money raised once prizes are worked out, will go towards the running of the band.

    Its easy to join - just click on the link below.

    To Join:
    To place your tips:

    Any questions, just let me know!! :)

  2. Lonny

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    Just to let you know that first prize is now $150 and rising.....:clap:

    The more people who take part, the higher the prizes!

    Come and be a part of the Darebin City Brass community and take part in a very important Aussie pastime...:cool:
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  4. Lonny

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    Thank you to all who entered the Darebin City Brass Footy Tipping Competition!

    It is now time to announce the prizes (all in AUD)!!

    First Prize: $250

    Second Prize: $150

    Third Prize: $75

    If you haven't registered but would like to, I will leave the entries open for a few more days!!

    If you have registered and haven't paid, please get your payment to me ASAP! If you are not paid up, you will not be eligible to win the prizes!

    And don't forget to submit your footy tips for the first round!!

    Happy tipping!!
  5. Lonny

    Lonny New Member

    AFL Footy starts this week!!! So get your tips in before Thursday night otherwise you will miss the first round!!

    Happy Tipping!!

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