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  1. kiwiinoz

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    It appears our own choice this year at the Qld Champs is going to be Aeronauts (GOFF). Anyone played it and if so, any hints and issues they had with it, especially on the Sop part. Any advice most welcome. Thanks
  2. bassmittens

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    We played it at Pontins 2nd section some year back. We won, and from what I remember from the remarks, it was down to the fact that we played the correct rhythm's that were written where others did not. Something our conductor at the time hammered into us, and it paid off!!

    It's a great piece, fun to play. You'll enjoy it i'm sure.
  3. Bungle

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    Having played it, I have to agree it's a great piece and should be on all band players list of pieces to play before you die. I would have thought getting a good clean start with the fanfare type opening would help, but not taking it too fast that the basses can't keep up
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    Yea, cracking bass runs from what I remember, but it's a killer of a piece if your not all together.
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    I played the sop part a few months back. Early on there's a lip buster, 20 or so bars constant on a top G/A triplet rhythms with few chances to breathe. Theres a nice lyrical solo in the middle and a cheeky obligato leading up to a to B near the end. It's a great piece, I really enjoyed playing it.

  6. kiwiinoz

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    Thanks everyone. I am going to be new on sop for the contest so will be "interesting" I fear a lot of work at home will be required. Any advice on practise techniques for sop?? High and loud????? God help me, what have i done LOL:(