Advice on buying a new instrument with the current situation with Besson

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Thegroupies, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Thegroupies

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    My Daughter has been given some money to put towards buying a new horn,ideally she would like a sovereign, however with the current situation with Besson we have been advised that we would find it difficult to find a new one, that we would be lucky to get a guarentee with it and that even if a buyer for besson is found, it is unlikely that new horns will be manufactured for some time.

    Me daughter is off to uni in sept and will need a horn by then. Any advice
  2. Di

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    A similar question has been asked here in the latter pages of the Besson thread. Some suggestion have been put forward you might like to take a look at. :)
  3. Rapier

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    My advice would be to find a reputable dealer that has one and buy it! They are the ones you'd take it back to should there be a problem and they are the ones who would resolve it. I mean if you buy a car, you don't send it back to the manufacturer, it goes to the dealer. It's not as if there is that much that can go wrong. Or you could buy a good used Sovereign and then any problems would have be sorted beforehand.
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    I'm in exactly the same situation as your daughter. I too need a new horn before i go to uni in september and want a sovereign. If she definatley wants a sovereign then i would ring round the shops asap, because some places I have tried have already sold out!I think i'll be spending this weekend on the phone to music shops anyway! good luck!
  5. Just Crazy

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    I bough a new besson soverign horn a couple of days before christmas and i asked the question about the guarantee, i was told the full guarantee still apllies.
  6. WoodenFlugel

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    My personal advice to you would be to talk to a few different suppliers and find out what they say about the situation. All I can find about their current situation is "trading continues as normal" statements, but someone in the business will know a lot more than me. Before you talk to them think of some questions to ask like: What happens if it goes wrong? What happens if it can't be repaired? What happens if I need to replace a major component? Where is the guarantee held (ie who is responsible for it)? Try to think of any scenario where some involvement with Besson (or whoever) will be required - either directly by you or indirectly through a repairer. If you can't get a satisfactory answer to those questions then walk away.

    You will be spending a lot of money, you need to make sure that you have some sort of safety net if it goes wrong in any way.