Advice needed on getting my lip back in' ?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by _si, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. _si

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    I have not played a note in 19 yrs until Thursday this week :)
    I went along to a local band for a listen and ended up sitting on the back row for 2 hrs with one of the bands cornets :)
    I really enjoyed the experience but only managed a hymn before i lost all feeling in my lips and couldnt play, after a few minutes i started joining in again and so on and so on...i reckon i managed about 4 or 5 minutes at one point but nothing more without my lips collapsing.

    Being a Euph/Bari player of many yrs ago, i had never played cornet before, but decided to buy one and try my luck on it. I tried it for the first time at home last night, and although i can make a reasonable noise out of it for a few notes, any more than 2 minutes playing and my lip is dead again!
    My range isnt great either, I can play from the low f# up to the top of the c scale (middle c), but even that is an ask at the moment, and above middle c (in the stave) is a 'no go' zone.

    I know ive only played the cornet for 3 hrs total so far and so cant expect too much just yet, but what i need is specific advice for getting my stamina back so i can play a 2 hr rehearsal without my lip turning to jelly, and also advice on extending my range upwards. Playing that middle c on a cornet still feels like playing a top c on a Euph!

    The only music i have available is the Arban i bought yesterday, so if anyone has some advice on which exercises i need to stick to i would be grateful, I have around an hr each day spare for practice.

    If you need it, my cornet is a 85 besson sovereign with a DW2 'gob-iron'.


    (I am back at band rehearsal a week next thursday and would love to be able to play straight through with no rests!)
  2. blue juice

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    Long notes on a C major scale and buzzing on your mouthpiece between practices will help
  3. Bayerd

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    Join a band that needs a bass player and save yourself the hassle....
  4. Donrumble

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    Try getting a copy of Claude Gordon's "Systematic Approach to Daily Practice for Trumpet". It worked a treat for me!
  5. TrumpetNick

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    The above quote is resuming my answer. The fact, that you have played another brass instrument will help you - after all, basics are quite similar. The only "new" thing that you need to acquire is new embouchure for the cornet and get used to the new size mouthpiece. Arban is just fine. Just make sure that you have a well balanced routine, including slurred arpeggios/scales, tonguing and studies (which can be occasionally replaced by hymns, traditional tunes or duets). Remember how you built range and stamina on the euph - this is no different, but you will need to do it once again on the cornet. As far as technical skills to work on, Arban and Clarke should be absolutely enough. If you don't have Clarke just work on Arban. Remember:
    1. Break your practice routine in small bits (10-20min)
    2. Maintain a well balanced daily routine.
    3. One step at a time. Do not expect miracles.
  6. Andrew Norman

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  7. b-flatcharlie

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    Just what Nic and anyone else has already quoted is my advice. Good luck with the Cornet.
    Another thing to help your practice is to get a smaller mouth piece like a DW 4 - 5 and then work upward to the size 2 after a moment of playing to help your emboucher. SORRY I CAN'T SPELL THE WORD!!:clap:
  8. Anno Draconis

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    Or take up conducting - no lip required.

    Failing those two options get a lesson or two with a reliable teacher to point you in the right direction. When I got back into playing over christmas I got some good advice to use "interval training" - play 10 mins, rest 20, play 10 rest 20. As you get stronger increase the playing time and decrease the resting time.

    However I wasn't switching instruments, which could lead to embouchure issues for which you really need proper advice from someone who's seen you play and knows what they're talking about. I really, really wouldn't muck about changing mouthpiece sizes/shapes as a "gimmick" to try and get your lip in, I can't imagine how that could do you any good.:confused:
  9. Mike Saville

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    Someone mentioned something to me a couple of days back which applies here:

    Use those 3 P's and you'll get there.
  10. Backrowmike

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    Welcome back to the hobby Si. I returned to playing two years ago and I found that the first page of the Arban is excellent for building up stamina. I warm up on it every day. :)
  11. _si

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    Update: things are getting better already, i can now play for ten minutes or so each session before my lips collapse, and thats after 6 days.
    I can play from a low f# up to a E at the top of the stave.
    Not got any f's, g's, a's, b's, or c's yet!
    As im totally new to the cornet (baritone player) is this range acceptable after only a week, or should i be able to reach higher?
  12. Backrowmike

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    Hi Si, don't push the top notes, go for tone and clarity. The top notes will eventually sort themselves out.
  13. hicks

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    If only.. :rolleyes:
  14. _si

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    Update: :) :) :)

    It was me not being suited (or rather my mouth) to a cornet mouthpiece.
    My mrs always tells me i have a big gob!

    Anyhow last thursday i got to rode hall silver half an hour early to ask if it was ok for me to have a blow on a larger instrument, it just so happened they had a old round stamp baritone gathering dust, so i gave it a try, what a difference!!
    After 5 days of practice i have now got my lip back in 100%!
    I have told rode hall i would like to join them and am now their 1st Baritone!

    It feels fantastic to be playing again, im like a little kid! I look forward to having a blow all day!

    Anyway, im off now to work on carnival of Venice :)
  15. billysackbutt

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    100% after 5 days????? Well done young man.
  16. _si

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    yes, i have put 4 to 5 hrs a day in since last thursday, and i can now play pretty much anything that i used to out of the arban :)
  17. billysackbutt

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    Goodness me. It just goes to show about the power of practise.
  18. gingerdave

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    a DAY? sheesh i'd be lucky to get that a WEEK,,, inclusive of band rehearsal!
  19. _si

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    I work 12 hr nightshifts on my own :)
  20. Zappa

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    I have breaks of a few months (certainly not 19 years!!!!) When i need to get back into practice ... Can't stress this enough ... mid range Long notes, long notes, long notes, long notes!!!

    Don't forget to warm down on pedals/low tones