Advice Needed for the Totally Unfit!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Charmed, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Charmed

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    I've decided that in this, my 40th Year :eek: , I need to start doing something to help my body keep going longer than it is currently set on course for!

    What I want is for some 'tips' on what is the best way to get your body fit(ter) for someone whose only fitness regime is the normal day to day life of a working mum. Something that will not be too daunting, too energetic or too time consuming to start with.

    I know the first step is to stop smoking :eek: (don't yell at me! I have tried dozens of times to quit, but I'm weak!) But I fully intend to become a non-smoker by the time this year is out!

    I need to know how to get into 'fitness', something that will keep me motivated enough to keep doing it after the first week! The problem I've got is that I'm always tired when I get in from work (it's an effort to go to band some evenings), and at the weekend, well, I just seem to hibernate until the Monday! I can feel my body slowing down, not wanting to do anything unless it has too. And what worries me is if I feel like this at almost 40, what will I be like when I'm 50!

    So any sensible ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. brassneck

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  3. Di

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    Start with some gentle finger exercises. Sit in a comfortable position, in front of a computer, extend fingers and tap on keyboard. ;)

    I know what you mean about coming home from work and not feeling like doing anything else. Its the long dark winter effect. As the lighter evenings are coming in, find a nice area to take a walk. Get down to the leisure centre and have a swim, give yourself a regular weekly time slot to do this, (do you have some time you have now that you didn't have when Vicki was home? ) and gradually increase the amount you do.
  4. Charmed

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    This looks very interesting and compared to some fitness equipment, not too dear. It is my heart that needs exercise, as climbing stairs etc, often results in a deep ache! In fact this reminds me of when I went (about 3yrs ago) to an induction for a gym. I stepped on this machine that monitors your blood pressure at the same time, and the instructor thought it was broken, because he said, "if that was really your pressure I would be worried about you having a heart attack!" I hasten to add that this put me off and I never went back, defeating the object obviously!.

    Anyway, something like you have suggested brassneck, may be what I need to start off with. Ideal for those of us who don't want to be shown up at some exercise class, and in the comfort of our own home!

  5. Charmed

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    Unfortuantely, as much as I hate to admit this, Vicky and I never did much activity together. We just talked each other's ears off while either she was on the computer or me. So not much time gained there. But, you're right, I do need to make the effort to do something other than 'tapping away on the keyboard' :biggrin:
  6. brassneck

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    - this is the one I bought for my mum (... she has limited mobility and is housebound) ... £25 out of Argos. It's ruggedly built and has all the features of the one I posted earlier. Quite fun when you use it facing away from the monitor.
  7. Di

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    I'm telling myself as well as Susan here as it sounds like we're pretty much in the same rut. We need to get out the house! Not buy something else which will keep us indoors. ;) Get out into this lovely spring time fresh air and go for a walk!
  8. Alisop

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    What about signing up for the Race for Life? it's a 5km fun run to raise money for cancer charities. They are held all over the country in about 10 weeks time. Having this as a target might keep you motivated. I've started "training" to do it, I got a free booklet with this months Zest magazine about how to start runing, it gives you a 10 week programme to follow which should have fit enough to do 5k at the end.
  9. DaveR

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    I must admit I'm in the same boat. For years I walked everywhere because I didn't have a car, but since I bought one about 3 years ago the only exercise I get is walking from the front door to the car and back again. I now have worse physical fitness than somebody who is clinically dead. I have an exercise bike in my living room but I can't actually remember the last time I used it. So even if you buy an exercise machine it seems it is no guarantee that you will actually get any fitter ;)

    I'm beginning the think the best thing would be for me to shell out 30 quid a month and join a gym. At least then (despite the ritual humiliation that would ensue every time I walked through the door) I would have an incentive to do something, because I hate wasting money!
  10. Big Twigge

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    I'm horribly unfit, I've always been an armchair sports fan and comfort eater! I've started swimming regularily - at least three times a week. It makes you a bit tired when you're doing it, but none of that getting hot and sweaty stuff! Also if I'm not swimming, trying to go for a walk, just to keep me a bit active...
    Good luck - i'm going to go and finish my easter egg!
  11. Di

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    Caroline - how could you? It shouldn't have even been opened until tomorrow! You should get down to the pool RIGHT NOW and do an extra session for penance!
  12. Big Twigge

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    Well I decided that as I wasn't religious and as we weren't having the usual easter egg hunt (apparently we're too old now) I tool the risk that it was ok..... I would go to the pool, but it has funny opening hours today and it's full of horrible children!

  13. chizzum

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    The best way to get fit is on a rowing machine, it takes of the pounds but is totalyy safe!
  14. sparkling_quavers

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    Do a team sport or go to the gym with a friend. Set a time to go and stick to it - if you are going with someone else then it is harder to say "ah can't be bothered". Just make sure it is someone who is supportive.
  15. Key2207

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    I've started going on my exercise bike when I can for about 30 mins. I absolutley hate it but after I feel great. And when your all sweaty you feel like you've done something good.

    Other than that shopping is the best exercise I can think of:clap: Looking round the shops all day and then stopping of at McDonalds on the way home ;)
  16. Rapier

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    You don't need to buy any equipment!! If you have stairs in your house you can just use the bottom couple of steps for 'Step Up's'. If you are totally unfit, then when you climb the stairs do it 2 or 3 times every time you need to go upstairs.
  17. ian perks

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    Right im 41:
    I do 50 lenghts swimming 5 times a week straight work front crawl in 30 mins all front crawl;)
    Just give swimming a go its a great exercise you dont have to go fast just take your time even if you only do 20 in 1 hour its a start then just build on that.
    All the best if you take it up:tup
  18. Big Twigge

    Big Twigge Active Member

    I'm 23, do 50 lengths breast stroke about 3 times a week (for one week so won't last) it takes me between 35-40 minutes and it's a good way to stop thinking and worrying about things too because you have to count and if you lose count you have to start again or do extra lengths at the end just in case you've cheated yourself. The worst thing about it is having to wash your hair every time you go and the chlorine probably eats my contacts too, but not to worry!

    Go for advice would be avoid public sessions and women only sessions though as the women tend to swim in pairs and stop and talk and get in the way and in the public swim there are lots of children splashing around. Adults only is best in my opinion - good luck!
  19. Rach_Horn

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    How about can do it to music and it burns loads of calories!!

    I definetly agree with the going to the gym with a friend bit.I joined the gym in January with one of my flat mates and we have kept up going atleast twice a week....going with someone else really makes you go and it stops you from gettin bored while you are there!

    I was never really into exercising until i got to uni and joined the gym here in Mancheste and now i really miss it when im at home.... im going for an induction at one where i live tomorow so i can keep going in the summer!
  20. matti_raz

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    Providing you practise you're doin it all ready........

    Brass Playing is proven to help delay or prevent/ lower the risk of heart disease and it destressifies you which are two of the affects of exercise so.... blow away!!
    There's another one..... ;)