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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by akwarose, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. akwarose

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    Does anyone have any great ideas for recruitment? Bradwell Silver Band has vacancies for front row cornets which are notoriously difficult to fill so any advice is welcome! Thanks! x
  2. cockaigne

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    Spread the word, and try to adopt a consistent message/format across all boards/media. I'd recommend the following:

    TMP forums (start your own vacancies thread if the band doesn't already have one) - set up a band profile, on which you can advertise your vacancies (Local Amateur Music Network) - ditto, plus you can search for players by distance/standard/instrument etc. classifieds - I've heard some people still read these :)

    Alternatively it may be quicker/easier to clone/grow your own players from scratch, in my experience...

    Good luck!
  3. Mofman

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    I agree with all of the above.

    PLUS, what I tried to do was make things different like the following ad from last year...

    This Christmas think of those that are dear and close to hand
    not to forget the Marple Band
    For 'tis the season to be jolly
    Deck the halls with Ivy and Holly!

    There are some positions we'd like to fill
    So ponder these over a festive gill
    An Eb Soprano is first on offer
    So make a wish and pull that cracker

    Whilst enjoying your Christmas drink, Mulled wine, Egg Nog or even Galliano
    Don't forget we need a Repiano
    Listening out for the Sweet Chiming Bell
    We require a percussionist as well

    I hope you like this Christmas ditty
    I tried to make it jingle bells witty
    We're a social lot with a good sound too
    Could 2013 be the year for you?
  4. wilky

    wilky Member


    Please see below, which I originally posted in 2011 which may help

    I have been a peri in Stockport etc etc for over 10 years and have never been approached by any band to ask if I have any pupils who would be interested in coming down for a blow.

    I usually find out who the local band is in relation to each school and contact them and have had a lot of success recently with a number of pupils joining local bands.

    For me the best ways to try and get new players would be

    1) Contact your local music services to get a list of local peris
    2) Contact your local youth bands to build up a relationship
    3) Hold an open rehearsal (10 - 4 ) on a saturday/sunday. Advertise in all local papers etc for any players (and age) of any standard to pop down for a blow and a cup tea and make them feel welcome. It is surprising the results by holding this sort of day. There may be players who have just moved into the area who are looking for a band, players who may wish to get back into banding after a period away etc etc. You could also use this open rehearsal as a 'sponsored' blow and raise some money for the band. Advertise the open rehearsal to all the local schools as well(a lot of the teachers both class room or peris in stockport are current or ex banders and I am sure would help in sending pupils down) also local radio
    4) Not saying your band is like this, but it is interesting to speak to some bands who are looking for players to find out how they attract new players. The constant reply usually tends to be bands say they never have any players but dont do any thing to help attract players except wait for the phone to ring!
  5. Backrowmike

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  6. davethehorny

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    Get to the area contest and poach a few (tongue firmly in cheek) - that's what the top bands do or else invite a couple to help you out at a gig and them ask them to stay........
  7. agent006

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    We had the best results from leafleting the houses in the area around where we practice. We revived a couple of lapsed players and recruited one from another band as a result. It's a lot of work, we dropped to a couple of thousand houses.
  8. davethehorny

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    Alec - great idea - I must remember to leaflet drop in Gloucester......
  9. akwarose

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    Thanks guys, that's a big help :)

    Mofman - love the ditty!

    S x

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