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  1. Hi all, next question! Does anyone know whos in the box for the West of England regionals? Thanks!
  2. ophicliede

    ophicliede Member

    Two adjudicators are: Tony Swainson and Jaq Dipstra for 2nd Section. My apologies about spelling of second adjudicator.
  3. Do you know if these are the same adjudicators as the 1st section?
  4. ophicliede

    ophicliede Member

    don't think so, that is same adjudicators as championship section.
  5. ok will try to find 1st section!
  6. Contest details through today,
    Saturday: 3rd section- David Horsfield and Peter Bassanno
    4th section- Stan Lippeatt and Jacob Dijkstra
    1st section- David Horsfield and Peter Bassanno
  7. Baritonio

    Baritonio New Member

    second section is Peter Bassano not Tony Swainson

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