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  1. GJacko

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    Hi Alan

    I read the articles following the presentation you made on adjudication and was interested in the way adjudicators award marks.

    I can't understand (after 34 years!!), why adjudicators award marks a contest, of say 10 bands, and only use a spectrum of, say, 13 points? As points these days are generally awarded out of 200, bunching the bands one point apart gives little or no indication as to how well a band performed in relation to another (other than their relative position). Why not split the marks specifically into the categories you highlighted (tuning, intonation, rhythm....etc), automatically spacing the final total and giving a clear indication of where a band is performing and not performing?

    Can you comment please?

    BTW, introducing a system of adjudication is very welcome. Whatever you guy's eventually come up with, I am sure you will get the full support of banding members if it improves the system we don't have at the moment. Bravo! :tup
  2. Ankanala

    Ankanala Member

    I quite agree with most of what you say, we desperately need a system that can be followed by all adjusicators and participants.

    With points I can see your concern, why do we have 200 and only use about 13. Mainly I think this is because it would be really difficult for bands to suddenly accept being awarded really low marks! How would you feel if you were awarded 40 out of 200???

    With regard to categories, I gave this some deep thought when putting my article together. I decided against it, mainly because it really confuses the adjudication process. To reach a final figure all categories have to be added up and match. If the feeling is for one particular band and the total doesn`t arrive at that it makes a stressful situation even more stressful. At the end of the day we also need to think about the adjudicator and not put obstacles in his way of reaching a decision.

    The categories are still affective in my system but as a total result.

    Thanks for the question.
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