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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by bigvern, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. bigvern

    bigvern New Member

    looking for some info from any adjuicator out there my son is thinking of playing adagio from concerto daranjuez in a slow melody contest this november
    would like the following info

    1 would it be in order to omit the first 12 bars rest.

    2, would it be in order to cut out 2 bars rest leaving just one bar to count.

    3 and to cut out 8 bars rest leaving just one and then 5 bars rest just leaving one.:confused:
    all help would be gratfully accepted
  2. SteveT

    SteveT Member

    I assume there is no accompaniement for the soloist! therefore it would be fine! Its HOW the person plays, not WHAT they play that is most important!

  3. bigvern

    bigvern New Member

    sly old fox thank you for your time and info I keep telling him the same its how you play not what you are playing but you know what its like with younger player's however he is one good cornet player for 10yrs of age he's got an old head on young shoulders.

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