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    It seems like between the areas, A-level exams, UEFA Champions League, you name it, there is a lot of questioning the adjudicators, referees, etc...

    While I could agree that it may be human nature to always want to achieve the best one can...often leading us to blame others when things don't go our way (and I can be just as guilty as many at times)...I think there needs to be some respect given to the umpires and their decisions.

    I guess what I am wondering is, why is there so much disent and can anything be done to prevent it.

    One possible reason is that people feel the judges are biased. I don't believe this would happen in the brass band world. First of all, mostof the judging is blind, and secondly, the stakes aren't high enough. As for football, I don't know that I have equal faith in all situations. I think because of the high stakes some officials may get pressured into making the correct call. If a statistical analysis was run for fouls/ penalties, etc... called in NBA/ NCAA basketball or NFL/ NCAA football, I think there would be a significant relationship between fouls and home field advantage.

    Two other reasons can be downright incompentance or that the job is just too difficult for one person to do. The comment to add adjudicators to a brass band contest to make it more 'fair' or even referees to a football match have been heard quite frequently lately. Even the use of the ball & chip or instant replay in football...or regrading in A-levels. It seems sometimes people want to be regraded until they get the mark they want (which will never happen ;))

    I think the reason people question the decision of referees and judges is that the system of accountability doesn't seem to be there. If referees in football seem to make bad decisions, they get grilled by the press, but I've never once heard about them getting promoted or relegated at the end of the season. If brass band adjudicators give a bad result, I've never heard of they being taken off the approved adjudicator list (or for that matter, very good ones being noted as exceptional adjudicators). Perhaps the former two processes occur, but I think people would feel better if they were made public.
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    (Cont'd - sorry, there must be a maximum post length or summat)

    Is there an evaluation process for BB adjudicators? Whether there is or isn't, it sounds like bands should have a form sent back about relevance of comments made. Personally, I would also like to see a reliability check. I think one of the greatest signs of fairness is consistency. I would like to see an adjudicator sit back and listen to the CD recordings of four of the bands (randomly selected) a week after the contest and re-rate those four bands. Put them in order...and then over the course of a year a reliability score can be produced and released for each adjudicator. That is how well did the match their original picks of the bands. The top reliable judges can be noted as such and the bottom ones can be suggested to improved or be dropped off the list.

    In my opinion, all else being equal, I think we have to trust and support our adjudicators, but I would like to see a visible checks system in place. Perhaps football should have promotion and relegation of their officials at the end of each system based on ratings, just like the teams do?
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    Premiership football referees are assessed and can be removed from the list, even during the season. Uriah Rennie has been dropped a couple of times. As for the Adjudicators, I would just like to see the numbers balance with those entered. I don't think one person can concentrate long enough to distinguish between 20 bands fairly.

    I have a radical idea. We all go and play the test piece and then our band numbers are placed in a Lottery Machine and the winners picked! Voilla, excitement and everyone has a chance. :D
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    One of the things that the North American Brass Band Association does is have each competing band turn in a written (private) critique of their adjudicators after the contest. Since we don't have an approved adjudicator list here in the States, this (presumably, I am not a NABBA insider) allows them to determine which adjudicators should be used from year to year.

    I don't know if there is a similar system in place in the UK, but perhaps bands would gripe less in public if they could do so in private.