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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Dave Payn, Feb 22, 2006.

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    Just done my first sting as an adjudicator..... though not for a brass band competition! (Phew!) I was asked to judge the instrumental sections to decide the overall Arran representative for the North Ayrshire Young Musician of the year at Arran High School as well as select winners of each age category (who don't go to the North Ayrshire finals but get a trophy). I had a singing adjudicator with me to judge the vocal entries though we did consult each other for all students!

    Talk about nerve wracking! I reckon I was more nervous than the students! Writing down comments whilst listening is not an easy task, I've decided! ;) Even though many of the pieces being played were at a junior or intermediate level, I'd have felt a little more comfortable if I'd had the dots in front of me to compare. Still, not complaining and the overall reaction was that we got the choices of winners right (I think!). I consider it an honour and a privilege to have been asked to judge on this competition, having only been on the island some 16 months and I'd do it again, but brass band adjudicating? Hmmm, I think that can wait awhile..... :) Even this first experience has already made me feel more sympathetic towards the people charged with the unenviable task of doing so!