Adelphi Brass Band, Wed 4th Nov, Peel Hall, 1pm

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  1. University of Salford

    University of Salford Member

    Peru Street, Salford
    University of Salford's Adelphi Brass Band
    Conducted by final year student conductors
    (Toby Bannan, Alex Maxwell, Ryan Broad & Tom Ridgley)

    Wednesday 4th November
    Admission: FREE

    Peel Hall, Salford
    The Crescent
    M5 4WT

    Parking available in Irwell Place carpark across from Peel
    Or pay and display infront of the hall

    Adelphi Brass Band is the University's dedicated band for final year student conductors and opportunity for students to play on principal seats outside of the University's main brass band.
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