Adelphi Brass Band, Peel Hall Salford, 10th November 2010, 1pm

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    Adelphi Brass Band conducted by final year students
    Peel Hall, Salford
    Admission FREE

    Under the direction of Classical Performance Director, Dr Howard Evans, student conductors in the Music Directorate present the 'Adelphi Brass' in their inaugural lunch time recital at Peel Hall.

    All are welcome.

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    Gizza clue what the programme is?
  3. The Melody Shop - King, Arr. Peter Smally
    Pennine Moors - Darol Barry
    I Got Rhythm - Gershwin, Arr. Alan Fernie
    Haslemere Suite - Peter Graham
    Reunion & Finale - Edelman, Arr. Andrew Duncan

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