adele sings paganini variations

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    I was somewhat disturbed to realise, while in the car on the way home tonight, that the chord sequence to Adele (or Bob Dylans) make you feel my love is the same as for the flugel solo at the sospirando in Paganini variations. Did Dylan rip off Paganini, or Wilby rip off Dylan etc etc......?

    So much so that I irritated my husband singing the part over the song till he changed radio station.

    Is it wrong to sing test pieces over the top 40?:oops:
  2. The whole thing is based on that favourite of all composers, of all genres through the ages, which is the circle of fourths.
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    Bu99er. I'd always thought it was inverted 5ths......
  4. Yep good point, it works just as well that way round. "Sweet Georgia Brown" for instance.
  5. Major thirds is a right pig though "Giant Steps" being a prime example.


    There have been countless rip-offs of Paganini, sorry, read influenced by. From Rachmaninov, to Schumann, Brahms and Liszt (seriously), Benny Goodman and John Dankworth through to good old Andrew Lloyd-Webber plus many others I've never heard of. All done well before Wilby.

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