adagio in g minor for solo?

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  1. _si

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    Does anyone know if there is a brass band arrangement? and if there is more than one, which would be the best for a baritone solo?
  2. _si

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    looking on google there is a kevin bolton arragement for flugel? would this work on Baritone?
  3. James Yelland

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    I assume you are referring to Albinioni's famous adagio? If so, Howard Snell has arranged this piece for band, but not as a solo. His pieces are published by Rakeway Music and available via Kirklees Music.
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    On behalf of anonymous composers and musical pedants everywhere (I am well qualified!!) this piece is not by Albinoni (or Albinioni..) at all but by an Italian musicologist
    called Remo Giazotto (1910-1998 ). He claimed to have used an Albinoni bass line, but I don't think the original work has ever been identified.

    Like most of my posts, this is no use at all to the original poster - especially if this is the wrong Adagio...........

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    I have found 2 recordings of this piece, one by faireys and one by grimethorpe, both played as flugel solos... just need a contact for the music to buy?
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    As this is a copyright piece, it might be worth contacting the publisher, G. Ricordi:-

    who should have details of any (legal.....) arrangements that have been made.
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    sorry for off topic post - but was Simon Willis Solo Euph at BT when you were there? Did a few jobs for him around then(at Salford together) so just wondering...
    ramble over :oops:
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    I don't think you have written an arrangment of this Mr Sparke? ;)
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    Anyway, thanks for bringing this piece to my attention because it reminded me to chase up the background music for the killing scene at the end of the 1974 Sci-Fi film Zardoz (starring Sean Connery). I thought it could have been adapted from Albinoni, but it was actually the 2nd Mvt. of Beethoven's 7th Symphony. :cool::tup
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    He was yes :) he was solo Euph, I was solo Baritone.
    I was at salford too :)
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    Ha ha, you are the king of randomness! I'd completely forgotten Zardoz, probably with good reason. Hasn't the Beethoven 7/Timelapse thing been re-done in one or more recent adverts? Sure I've seen it.... Youtube here I come.

    Briefly back on the topic, Justmusic list several arrangements of the "Albinoni" Adagio, including ones by Klaas Van der Woude, Jacob de Haan, Adrian Drover, Kevin Bolton, "Brighton" presumably Charlie (which may be a euph solo version?) and of course Mr Bernaerts. Unfortunately I don't know any of them, so I couldn't make a recommendation, sorry.
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    I've now taken a keener interest in the movement. Once fixed in my mind, I have to do something about it ...