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  1. Mark Bousie

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    Maybe I've missed something, but surpisingly I don't seem to have seen anything on here about this event on here yet. Its this sunday (19th) and as usual its at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool (in the Empress Ballroom). If its anything like previous years, it will be a day to be remembered for all concerned with 14 of the top youth bands in the country doing their royal best to entertain in friendly competition.

    Sellers International Youth will be there and we're very much looking forward to it. Anyone else............?
  2. Steve

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    There was a thread about the actual date of the contest but nothing more unfortunately Mark. As ever the coverage of this event so far has been very poor, its a great day and I spent many happy years travelling up to compete in this event.

    I eagerly await 4barsrest's predictions and full retrospective. Or are they not back from Norway yet?
  3. nickjones

    nickjones Active Member

    Good Luck to the Beaumaris Youth Band and MD Paul Hughes.
  4. Sellers_Bird

    Sellers_Bird Active Member

    Very best of luck to Rochdale Borough Youth Band at the weekend :clap:
  5. Are you not going to watch bird?! SHAME ON YOU!!!! (or me... for secretly wanting to see Paddington Bear)

    And yes... good luck Rochdale, particularly Lizzy!! Hahahahahaha!!!!
  6. horn-girlie

    horn-girlie Member

    we'll be there (poynton youth) complete with costumes + dancers :) hehe hopefully will be a good contest so good luck everyone xxx
  7. PeterBale

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  8. masefield

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    All the best for all bands that are taking part - hope you all have a good day - except please forgive me shouting louder for the band members of Abraham Darby Brass Band. No doubt all programmes will be "entertaining" - as that is really what its all about in my view

    We really enjoy the event and are looking forward to our fifth consecutive visit
  9. Sellers_Bird

    Sellers_Bird Active Member

    I miss Paddington lol... I wonder what he would do if we tried to stick a Pennine tie round his neck? :eek:
  10. rebecca

    rebecca Member

    Any results for this contest yet?
  11. Rochdale Youth won with 2nd in music and a 2nd in entertainment!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

    Well done babies!!!!!!!
  12. rebecca

    rebecca Member

    what were the full results?
  13. Fraid I dont know, left after Rochdale played (which was last) and just heard the news 10 minutes ago! Sure results will follow.....
  14. Rochdale got best solosit which was Liz Fitzpatrick on flugel (well done doll!!!!), and they got best basses and deportment.

    2nd was Boarshurst Youth... well done to them, about time they got a deserved result!!!!
  15. gateway

    gateway New Member



    1 Enderby Youth 95pts
    2 Rochdale Borough Youth 94.5pts
    3 Boarshurst Youth 93 pts
    4 Dobcross Youth 92 pts
    5 Wardle High School 90pts
    6 Beaumaris Youth 89pts


    1 Youth Brass 2000 194pts
    2 Rochdale Borough Youth 193pts
    3 Boarshurst Youth 191 pts
    4 Abraham Darby 190 pts
    5 Oldham Music Centre 188pts
    6 Poynton Youth 187 pts


    1st Rochdale Borough Youth

    Best Solist Flugel Rochdale Borough Youth
    Most Entertaining Enderby Youth
    Best March Sellers Youth
    Best Percussion Section Youth Brass 2000
    Best Soprano Abraham Darby
    Best Bass Section Rochdale Borough Youth
    Best Deportment Rochdale Borough Youth
    Band Displaying Most Potential Houghton Youth
    Finderman Award Eric Landon Rochdale Borough Youth
  16. masefield

    masefield Member

    Results from

    Results: Action Youth Entertainment
    Rochdale Youth under Eric Landon retained the Action Medical Research Youth Entertainment Championship title they won last year at Blackpool's Wintergardens having been drawn to play the last band of the day in convincing style by 3.5 points from Boarshurst

    1st Rochdale Borough Youth, Eric Landon (193 Music 94.5 Entertainment) 287.5
    2nd Boarshurst, Dean Redfearn (191,93) 284
    3rd Youth Brass 2000, Chris Jeans (194, 87) 281
    4th Enderby Youth, Trevor Hounsome (185, 95) 280
    5th Oldham Music Centre Youth, Martyn Evans (188, 88), 276
    6th Beaumaris Youth, Paul Hughes (186, 59) 275
    7th Wardle High, Lee Rigg (182, 90) 272
    8th Sellers International Youth, Mark Bousie (183, 88.5) 271.5
    9th Dobcross Youth, Ted Griffiths (179, 92) 271
    10th Abraham Darby, Wayne Ruston (183, 80) 263
    11th Poynton Youth, Andy Hirst (187, 75) 262
    12th Houghton Youth, Neil Gibson (178, 76), 254
    13th Tees Valley Youth, Stuart Gray (181, 68) 249
    14th Wrexham Schools, John Herbert ( 177, 69) 244

    Best Soloist, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Flugel, Rochdale
    Best Bass Section: Rochdale Youth
    Best Percussion Section: Youth Brass 2000
    Best Performance of a March: Sellers International
    Best Soprano: Abraham Darby
    Most Entertainting Item: Enderby Youth
    Stage Deportment: Rochdale Youth
    Band with Most Potential: Houghton Youth

    Adjudicators: Malcolm Brownbill (Music) Simon Wood (Entertainment)

    Rochdale's winning programme was:

    Come Follow the Band
    Old Man River
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow, featuring Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Flugel
    Music Box (Wound by a Key)
    There is Nothing Like a Dame

    A retrospective of the day will appear on 4BR later in the week
  17. gateway

    gateway New Member

    Fantastic days music making, great to see the hall full all day (greater attendance than last years Grand Shield). Well done Monica and Gary and all the helpers for a great day. This really is the way forward for banding, all the kids enjoy performing this type of programme and obviously, reflecting on the full hall the adults enjoy the show too.
  18. Feefee

    Feefee Member

    Well done 2 all the winners! Espescially Sellers Youth as we won the best march! Yahoooooo!
    I was fortunate 2 come bak with sellers this year and really thought the band did extremely well!
    It was a great day, even if i had 2 leave early but the standards were high and it was quite amazing! Well done 2 to the Soprano player from Abraham Darby as i know last year she had a little mishap (unfortunatly) but this year she came back even better! Well Done. You really amazed me!
    All the best 2 everyone!!!
  19. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    A massive well done to Youth Brass 2000, Chris Jeans & Pete Collins. A superb result :clap:
  20. Kaskaey

    Kaskaey Member

    Well done everyone, great results all round, well done enderby! - although i admit i was gob smacked. :eek: Rochdale you were amazing! - as usual! and youth brass, didnt get to hear u lot cuse we had photos but i kinda expected ya to do well! :D

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