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  1. Congratulations Rochdale Youth for making the treble at Blackpool today... just got a message with the news that they have won for the third year in a row!! I'm thrilled for them!

    Don't know any other results as yet...
  2. Rochdale won the entertainment and came 4th in music. The music category was won by Beaumaris who apparently played excellent.
  3. lilcornetgirl

    lilcornetgirl Member

    May be stupid but how did poynton do does anyone no???
  4. Hells Bones

    Hells Bones Active Member

    How did Oldham do? anyone know?
  5. abracadeborah

    abracadeborah New Member

    I heard Beaumaris..they had a big sound, they played really well. Rochdale were very enertaining, I liked Enderby too...
  6. Hells Bones

    Hells Bones Active Member

    OMG, Oldham cam last? does that mean that I am going to hear all about this in my lesson?
  7. masefield

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    A big well done (from everyone from Abraham Darby) to all the worthy winners yesterday - the level of entertainment was very imaginative and detailed, and given the age of the players the standard of playing was very high. A big well done to Rochadale in achieving full marks for their entertainment - hopefully we will be back next February. Saw most of the bands - very pleased to see a high numbers in the audience at all times and very appreciative and supportive of all the bands.

    Big thanks to Gary Walczack and all his staff and volunteers for ensuring that the event proceeded very smoothly.
  8. will enderby

    will enderby Member

    thanks every one at enderby was pleased with how well we did . i won the soloist prize too ! was nice to go out with a bang as it was my last blackpool :(
  9. a_szafranek

    a_szafranek Member

    Actung Research Youth Entertainment Contest

    Yeah, well done Will on the best soloist, great way to mark your last contest with the youth band - now get your timp sticks out for the Area!

    Well done to Enderby, good result against some very good youth bands.
  10. will enderby

    will enderby Member

    yes the good old wayfare should be good fun looking forward to tomorrows practice bit differnt to playing rep !
  11. flugeldude666

    flugeldude666 Member

    what did everyone think to seller's levitation
  12. will enderby

    will enderby Member

    i missed it , did you see it ? what exactly happend ?
  13. Kaskaey

    Kaskaey Member

    apparently it wasnt feeble. he was actually standing in mid air. i wish id seen it!!
  14. will enderby

    will enderby Member

    dam never mind . i do recall some one saying that nothing happernd but i think we need some confermation on that one . who else saw ... ?
  15. masefield

    masefield Member

  16. SoloBaritone

    SoloBaritone Member

    I have a couple of photo's of Joe, Sellers Youth principal cornet, being levitated as he's playing. You really do have to see it to believe it!

    If you still need confirmation, email me

  17. DanB

    DanB Member

    Sadly I couldn't make it to Blackpool this time, but am close to many who did and I don't believe there was THAT much difference between the top and bottom placed bands... therefore yes it does seem bizarre that some bands can get low 50s for entertainment and then others be up in the high 90s. As for a 100 / 100 - surely that's asking for trouble?! It's very difficult to comment though without detracting from the achievement of the winners - other than to say Blackpool's always been such a great contest and it would be a real shame if it was tarnished by the sort of negative issues affecting some senior contests... Maybe the organisers need to take a close look at the way the event is marked, and perhaps more importantly who does the marking!
  18. SteveT

    SteveT Member

    Would you like to elaborate on that remark!
  19. SteveT

    SteveT Member

    For information of the uneducated!

    Winners 2006 (Adj Simon Wood)

    1. Rocdale
    2. Boarshurst
    3. Youth Brass 2000
    4. Enderby
    5. Oldham.
    6. Beaumaris.
    7. Wardle.
    8. Sellers.
    9. Dobcross.
    10. Abram Darby.
    11. Poynton.
    12. Houghton.
    13. Teex Valley.
    14. Wrexham.

    Winners 2007 (Adj Stephen Tighe)

    1. Rochdale.
    2. Boarshurst.
    3. Youth Brass 2000.
    4. Sellers.
    5. Beaumaris.
    6. Enderby.
    7. Valley Brass.
    8. Abram Darby.
    9. Wardle.
    10. Houghton.
    11. Elland.
    12. Tees Valley.
    13. Poynton.
    14. Oldham.

    Remarkable similarity one might say. Also, if you go back even further.... its remains the same.

    Perhaps you should ask the organisers to change the number of points awarded in total and remove the very prescriptive marking scheme. But this has been developed over many years and this is an ENTERTAINMENT contest! Band's that enter have the marking rules sent to them, so they can tailor their performance accordingly!

    If they do, they do well. If they only go for the playing, then thats a risk they take. Its very easy to make a personal attack on the adjudicator and try to deflect blame elsewhere!

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