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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by masefield, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. masefield

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    Any body know any results yet???
  2. MR WMS

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    1. Rochdale Borough Youth
    2. Youth brass 2000
    3. Sellers International Youth
    4. Beaumaris Youth
  3. PeterBale

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  4. awizzbang

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    Congratulations to Rochdale on another fantastic programe and with lots of young players, they certainly seem to come up with something new every year. Well done also to Youth Brass getting a well deserved second place.
    As usual a great weekend, well organised and fantastic weather.

    One question which people might like to respond to: as the standard seems to go up every year and the top 4-5 places are dominated by Rochdale, Youth Brass, Beaumaris, Sellars and Boarshurst with their access to excellent resources and good quality players is it becoming more and more impossible for the smaller community bands to have a chance of reaching the top 6.
    I know that bands such as Enderby, Wardle and Poynton do creep into the lower places sometimes but all the bands put in a lot of hard work and if you have no real chance of success it does become a bit off putting.

    I have no solutions, but it is about keeping young players interested and involved and I would be interested to know what other people think
  5. a very flat b

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    Very good question.:clap:

    Couple of facts to think about...

    Sellers do not have the pleasure of a senior band anymore, they do however still have one of the best youth band MD's around in Mark Bousie, will the loss of the senior band ultimately affect them?

    Wardle have what looks like a very robust structure of learner, year groups and 'senior' band. On top of that they have Paul Lovatt-Cooper in charge of music. They do well at many youth contests, apart from, it seems Blackpool, why?
  6. awizzbang

    awizzbang New Member

    It would be interesting to know how MD's and players in bands who usually end up in the bottom half of the results feel? Are they motivated to come back next year or do they feel it is too much effort for too little reward?

    Please do not think I am trying to knock Blackpool, as a parent who kids have performed in it with limited success for the last five years I know it is the highlight of the year for them as well as the rest of the band. I am just trying to think if there is any way we could spread the feeling of success to more bands
  7. musicmandad

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    Congratulations to all participants and particularly to Eric Landon and Rochdale Borough Youth.

    Another great day out, full of quality music and entertainment, for both participants and audience alike. The standard just gets higher year on year.

    Bring on Blackpool 2009!!
  8. tpcornet12

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    The thing with Youth bands is they change year on year. Many that are struggling now will be competing for the prizes in a couple of years. I noticed that Stockport didn't do well... but it wasn't that many years ago that we walked away with nearly everything! I'm sure they'll be back in the "not too distant" future.

    And it's never too much effort :tup
  9. mark_scott

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    Does anybody know what the bands played?

    Macclesfield Youth played:
    Strictly Come Dancing
    Moon River
    Minnie The Moocher
    The Can-Can
  10. lynchie

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    Just a question, what are the excellent resources you think Youth Brass have access to that other bands don't?
  11. Well done to Rochdale again - God only knows how Eric Landon does it!

    I think it's important to mention that Rochdale have had a tough few years, they lost a lot of players a few years back and have had mainly a very young band ever since. Also Eric had a heart attack just over two years ago, which affected the rehearsal schedule of the band a lot.

    In respect to the comments about bands that do well each year and bands that don't, that's just contesting full stop for many players, no matter what age! I play for Pennine Brass and whilst we're a good band, it's unlikely we'll ever win the Yorkshire areas against Dyke, Grimey, Brighouse etc etc.

    Rochdale have never won the National Youth Championships for example, which are now held at The Royal Northern. But nevertheless, they go back each year and make it their aim to play at the very best of their ability, which they do. I think Blackpool is something they are able to put 200% into now because their confidence is so high and they are lucky that Eric is so creative with his programmes. But there was a time when I played for Rochdale and we were CONSTANTLY beaten EVERYWHERE by Wardle! So I guess the answer is persistence!

    I also do not understand the comment about "excellent resources"? I know all the props rochdale use are made by parents from the band...?
  12. critic

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    Having heard all the bands i congratulate the winners and all the bands for a great day of music.the work that goes in to this contest is a credit to everyone invite the winners to the brass in concert weekend is a step in the right direction in bridging the gap and keeping the young players interested.well done to all concerned
  13. mark_scott

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    You have to remember with a youth band, the sound can change dramatically over a year as players leave, move positions etc. This could show how when it comes to youth contesting, how one band can dominate for a few years and then the next year its the underdog who dominates.
  14. Kerwintootle

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    It was a fantastic contest, its been a few years since I'd been. The playing was great all day and the thought that went into all the programmes was excellent.

    It was great to see all the parents and supporters there and it made for a brilliant atmosphere, however one question, where were the trade stands? I wanted to buy a couple of things but there was nothing there?

    Well done to everyone who took part. :clap:

  15. Kaskaey

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    heya, really well done to rochdale, great contest, great day. my own regards to enderby - its really funny sitting and watching the band you've played in for the last umpteen years!!!

    in response to whats been said, the trouble with youth bands is that everybody grows up!!

    i also wanted to look at the trade stands!!!!!

    im sure people feel the same way when i say that the army band at the results were brilliant, its much better to see/listen to an actual brass band rather then an ensamble. Really enjoyable and influential on youth band members.

    Great performances by all bands, enjoyed the day so much, cant wait till next year!!!!
  16. awizzbang

    awizzbang New Member

    It was never my intention to have a go at bands such as Rochdale and Youth Brass, as I initially said I was really impressed by the programmes and particularly how young many of their band were. It is still true to say however that over the last four years, Rochdale, Youth Brass,Sellars, Beaumaris and Boarshurst have always occupied 4 out of the top 6 places. I just want to try and find a way of recognising the hard work put in by some of the smaller bands.
    Here is a radical suggestion, why not split the competition into two sections, the prizes could also be split across the two sections and there could be promotion/relegation between sections each year.This would also mean there could be a short break between each section, giving the adjudicators a rest and also it would mean that the band who played first would not have too wait 9 hours before they found out how they got on. There are probably lots of flaws in my idea but at least it is a possible way forward
    What do people think?
  17. SoloBaritone

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    Well done to Rochdale and a big well done to Sellers Youth. It was really great hearing you play so well and being so entertaining. And once again, Joe Murray sounded great.
  18. chizzum

    chizzum Member

    You could say that about every sport, why not split the Premier League up and make the top four play each other week in week out.
    There maybe a repeating pattern as to which bands score more points but can that not be proof of the hard work put in all year round, the organisation they are from and how it is run.

    No competition is won from a few weeks work, as it takes a band time to gel, and with losing players so often its the better bands that triumph. Sometimes because of a bigger range and ability of players, and sometimes just on the sheer quality and dedication of the staff that teach and nurture them.
  19. awizzbang

    awizzbang New Member

    I would not disagree with a word a word the previous contributor wrote. If you have say the bottom two of the top section being relegated and vica-versa, this would mean there is constant changing of which bands are in and out and more importantly it gives something for the lower bands to aim at rather than going home after every blackpool competition with nothing to show for all their efforts.

    Surely it is about encouraging and rewarding all young players not just a few
  20. Just for the record, I never thought you were having a go at Rochdale at any point.

    I think you are failing to see that these "top 4" bands haven't always been the top 4! The point I was trying to make in my earlier post was that when I was a member of Rochdale Youth, we spent many, many years not featuring in ANY results at ANY contests. That has now changed because the band have had a boost of good players. And the point people are trying to make is that it will change again, because this is the nature of youth banding!!!

    The contest shouldn't be split into two for the simple reason that what has happened at Blackpool over the past four years is a representation of banding at the highest level. If you split this contest into two categpries, what kind of message is that giving to younger players? That you should always go home with an award? That doesn't happen in banding or in any sport.

    All youth bands have their time at the top, but they also all have their time at the bottom too!

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