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  1. djpw7702

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    I was just curious about this, can you use borrowed instruments in an ABRSM exam, is there a grade limit of something.
  2. waynefiler

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    How do you mean borrowed?
  3. GJG

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    How/why would the examiner know if it was borrowed. It's not a question I've ever heard an examiner ask ...
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  4. trumpetmike

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    The only limits on instruments are when using the plastic ones - they are only allowable up to a certain Grade level (I think it is 3, but might be 5 - haven't got the relevant bit of paper in front of me at the moment).

    You can use borrowed instruments and borrowed music - but not photocopies.
  5. fartycat

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    At our school last week an oboist accidentally dropped her instrument wrecking a few keys so had to borrow the instrument of another candidate so she could carry on (luckily there was another oboist candidate with a decent instrument!).

    With Rockschool it's compulsory to use the drum kit provided until Grade 6 and above where you can bring in your own kit.
  6. djpw7702

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    It is not your own, eg: it is on loan from the council etc.
  7. trumpetmike

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    This is fine - I would estimate that about 80-90% of my early-grade students are using instruments owned by the local music service or their school.