Abraham Darby School Finally Complete their Busy July

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    The band members of the Abraham Darby Specialist School for the Performing Arts, Madeley, Telford finished off their punishing July schedule when the Showband returned from Kerkrade, Holland this weekend having participated in the World Music Contest where they received a Gold medal in the Harmony Class Second Division, for their stunning and atmospheric performance of Impressions of Japan and Movement for Rosa by Mark Camphouse. This was even more remarkable for the school as they were the only single school band in a division which contained other adult bands whose average age was far in excess of the school. This Gold award repeated the same award they obtained in their first visit to the World Music Contest back in 2001.

    This has completed a strenuous time this July which saw them compete in four prestigious and international events and obtain four top awards including the London International Wind Band Festival in Basingstoke, where they obtained a Gold Award, the National Festival of Music for Youth for the eighth consecutive year, the World Youth Music Festival in Zurich, which saw them being rewarded with a first place and finally completing the international journey this weekend. The Showband highlighted the awesome Impressions of Japan written by James Barnes, on all four occasions – the pinnacle of which was the awarding of an Outstanding Performance Award at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham for the fourth consecutive year and the fifth such award in six years. The School’s Senior Brass Band also received a Highly Commended Award at the Music for Youth National Festival where they were hot on the heels of Smithills School who won the Outstanding Performance Award. They were also awarded a first place in the Brass Band Division at the World Youth Music Festival held in Zurich.

    The band members and staff were now looking forward to the summer holidays during which they would be enable to recharge their batteries in readiness for the new academic year which would commence in September.

    Simon Platford the School’s Director of Performing Arts said “that he was extremely proud of the Showband member’s hard work and efforts which had resulted in the tremendous results that had been obtained and that these could not have been achieved without the dedication and willingness of the pupils to undertake long hours of rehearsals together with the parental group Supporters of Music at Abraham Darby School (SMADS), who had worked tirelessly to raise the funds that were required to enable the school to participate in these international events that the band had competed in”.
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