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    The award winning Abraham Darby Specialist School for the Performing Arts, Madeley, Telford have made a return to the world wide web by launching a revamped web site. The new site has been created in order to bring the latest news and activities to all band members and the band’s supporters of the latest news in and around the music department at the School.

    The web site was constructed by Andrew Roberts, the Chairperson of the Supporters of Music at Abraham Darby School (SMADS) over a period of a week. Andrew Roberts said “that for a while we had felt that the School’s profile should be raised and felt that one of the best methods would be to re-launch the Music Department’s web site. I have enjoyed building the new site and it will be regularly updated to inform everybody of the latest events and activities of all of the bands.”

    The new web site can be found at www.abrahamdarbymusic.co.uk
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    OK, but you really should reduce the file size of the main Brass Band pic on this page: http://www.abrahamdarbymusic.co.uk/brass_band.htm - it's over 2MB in size and would take an age to load for people who view the net using dial up systems.

    I have done this for you. The attached file is the same quality but is only 48K in size; you might want to upload this one instead.

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    Thanks for your reply - I must confess this is my first ever web site that I have built so apologies if thing are not quite right - I must admit I am on broadband and not dial up. Having looked at your attached file - I will consider replacing with your file. Many thanks for your help and assistance.
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    Well for a 1st attempt it is very good indeed. Always try to remember though that you need to optimise images and graphics for displaying on the web.

    You don't have to purchase expensive graphic manipulation software either to get much of this done. To reduce the size of the image above, I actually used a free program off the net - IrFanView. Do a google search for it and then download & install it. I first saved your image to my drive, loaded that into IrFanView, then resized it accordingly and attached it to the thread above. Voila!

    Shout if I can help... oh and don't forget that tMP provides web hosting as a way of supporting what we do here. We have many bands using the service... www.darrolbarry.co.uk, www.gillinghamband.org, and many more.

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