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    Members of Emley Band were proud and priviledged to be asked to play at the wedding of our Soprano Cornet player Alan Moore (Sop till you drop) and his new Bride Amanda Hanusch yesterday.

    It was a lovely day and a beautiful cerimony despite the constant driving rain of Ripon, and the blushing bride looked stunning.

    The band played as Amanda walked down the isle, during the signing of the register and also as the newlyweds left the hall to have their pictures taken and then on to the reception.

    But the point of this post, and I felt it deserved retelling, is that apparently, as Amanda joined Alan at the front of the hall, and he looked round to see his prospective bride, the words he uttered were not as you would expect something along the lines of "My god you look stunning" or "I'm so relieved you're here, I was beginning to worry", no, Alan in true bandsman style said "Band sounds good dun't it?" :biggrin:

    Bless him, they haven't even gone on honeymoon yet because we have the nationals coming up and a cornet sectional on Tuesday night. :clap:

    Top man Al, every band should have more players like you. And congratulations on the wedding. It was an honour to be there.