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    (don't know if this is the right place for this...)

    Taken from front page of the petition:

    On the 3rd of December 2010, Aberdeen City Council will meet to discuss proposals which will see music tuition in Aberdeen either privatised or terminated. Both options would be hugely damaging to music education in the city. Pupils who have Council instruments will be forced to return them and those wishing to carry on learning an instrument will have to pay for private tuition and the costs of purchasing their own instrument – an option not available to many. In addition the bands and orchestras run in schools and by the Council Music Centre will cease to exist.


    The consequences of such proposals will be felt by many both across the city and nationally. The skills obtained through learning a musical instrument extend far beyond the world of music. Young people learn the self-discipline required for practising, improve their concentration, build up their confidence, develop their team working abilities and gain a sense of achievement through the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of others. Their performances are immensely enjoyed throughout Aberdeen, and the city has earned a reputation throughout Scotland and beyond for producing many high calibre musicians.

    However, there is still time to save our music tuition services which have been instrumental in Aberdeen’s development into today’s rich cultural centre. L.M.E (Life, Music, Education) is a student-run campaign which is fighting to save these services. Music is something that everyone, no matter who they are or what their background is, should be able to access and enjoy. If these services go they will never return.

    Please extend your support to this cause by putting your name to this petition. Thank you.


    This is quite a scary time for all musicians, employees, bands, and musical organisations in Aberdeen - please help support the cause!
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    Please support this cause, It may be you asking for support next week.

    Good post Lewis.
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    There have only been just over 400 signatures on this so far. I have signed it even though I live in the midlands. We all know of bands that are short of players and this will get worse in the future if the opportunity to learn an instrument at school is taken away.
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    Done, you're now up to 642. Even if it turns out to be futile this is importnat to do!

    I hope sense prevails. The social, educational and cultural health of a city are all enhanced by youth music education.

    Good luck!
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    Some years ago I went to work all that way up north in Aberdeen. I thought there was only bagpipes and haggis up there but one day I was surprised to hear a Salvation Army band in Union Street. I was ready to sign the pledge and join, I missed banding that much. Although of course there was no need to sign any pledge and they would have welcomed me with open arms, they told me that there were three other brass bands in Aberdeen, at the time: Aberdeen City Band, Stoneywood and Bon-Accord (although I think there has been amalgamation since then).

    Anyway, the point of my post is that Aberdeen like most Cities and towns throughout the UK has a great history of Brass Bands and it would be tragic to see it wane. Most of those I knew there learned brass at school and I am sure those people and Aberdeen are all the better for Brass Bands.

    I'll be adding my name to the petition.
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    Correct! Stoneywood went on to change it's name to UDI band, then a few years later merged with Aberdeen City Band to form UDI Aberdeen City Band.

    in 2003 UDI Aberdeen City Band changed it's name to Granite City Brass, And so now you have:
    Granite City Brass, Granite City Community band, Bon-Accord Silver Band, Bon-Accord Silver B Band.

    Granite City are a 2nd section Band, Community band do not compete,
    Bon-Accord are Championship, and B Band are 3rd Section


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