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  1. I've literally just done my A2 recital,last week, did it on flute (sorry guys, was easier to play for 20mins on flute than cornet!!) but anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew the kinda stuff to write in the programme notes, I've looked on the edexcel website, but it doesn't really help! I played sonatina by lennox berkeley, sonatine by claude arrieu and partita by reizenstein (if any of you are familiar with those!) My theme is Flute music from the 1940s, and I haven't a clue what to write!!!:oops: Doesn't even have to be specific, just general stuff that everyone has to put in? Thank you!! xxx

    *awaits backlash for playing flute....*
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    Hiya, Ive also done my A2 recital last week (hope yours went ok?). For my programme notes we had to write about 500 words and i played the tenor horn and played Demelza, Capriccio, Over the rainbow and Variations on a welsh theme and i wrote about why i chose each of the pieces. eg you may have chosen them because they contrast with each other (reason for me)! You also need to say what you found challenging (maybe because it had some hard, fast things in it perhaps)! Anyways i hope this has helped and i look forward to hearing how you get on with it!
    All the best. Fi. x
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    Don't worry - all the best banders moonlight on the flute too! :tongue:

    Don't know about those pieces in particular, but I know the Berkeley Sonatina was originally written for recorder. Claude Arrieu (who despite the name Claude was a woman) was a member of 'Les Six', a group of French composers from the mid 20th century, along with Poulenc, Milhaud etc. She composed a lot for films too. Reizenstein studied with Hindemith in Berlin, but moved to England after the outbreak of WW2 where he studied with Vaughan Williams at the RCM. His compositions reflect the styles of both his teachers: to quote the Grove dictionary 'Reizenstein’s compositional style evinces a synthesis of the contrapuntal vigour and terse motivic process of Hindemith with the lyrical expansiveness of Vaughan Williams and the English tradition.'

    Basically, write a bit about the composers, maybe talking about their styles and influences (for example the Second World War, given your theme). Even if you can't find much info on the actual pieces, you could always try a little informal analysis of your own - form, style, similarities to other pieces/composers etc. I'm trying to write my prog notes for my final flute recital in university, proving very hard as one of the composers doesn't seem to exist!

    Good luck!
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    And what's wrong with playing a real instrument????;) :p :confused:
    Have looked up my prog notes from playing the Lennox Berkeley in a concert. (Haven't got much though, as there were lots of pieces in the programme and not much space to write much!) To summarise: LB studied in Oxford and Paris (pupil of Nadia Boulanger). Work covers music of all genres. Knighted 1974. Sonatina - originally for treble recorder.
    Can't remember what I wrote when I did it for 'A' Level, or much on the Arrieu - and haven't played the other one! Hope the above is some use though!
  5. I didn't realise there were so many people who played flute and brass! I thought I was the only one!lol How naive! Best instrument in the world, and I'm much better at it than cornet! But anyway! Thanks for all the tips, my flute teacher said they're fairly unusual pieces to be played in recitals, so we hadnt found too much info, but this should help! If anyone knows of anymore.... :p
    Rerecording my solo PDC today!!!
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    Well I turned up to do my recital last tuesday to find that the sound technician has a chest infection!! So have had to postpone it :(
  7. I would be gutted if that had happened to me! Get all psyched up for it and then have it cancelled! I'm glad mine's over, recorded my final PDC today, then filled in all the forms...you know when you'll actually get to do it?
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    Thursday - the accompaniast can't play it anyway - is reall ynot going to be good!
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    Well, it's only logical in a way - you're only going from playing a big bit of curly metal tube to playing a short straight bit of metal tube! :rolleyes: (you've been playing the grown up one, but you chose to play the baby one for your exam.)
  10. :eek:

    :O:O:O lol, yea my pieces were really hard to put together with the piano, and I only got 2 runthroughs to try and do it!lol

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