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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Rach_Horn, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. Rach_Horn

    Rach_Horn Member

    Found out today that my A2 Music recital is on my Birthday!! 18th May!! - so much for having the day off!
    Who else is doing this as part of their A level and wotya all playing?
  2. treblif

    treblif New Member

    Hiya Ive got mine on the 13th April also on horn, playing

    Neruda's trumpet concerto first movement
    Air and Rondo
    Over the Rainbow - Goff Richards
    And everybody's favourite Variations on a Welsh Theme

    That should all come to 20 mins, how is yours going?
  3. ray_ed

    ray_ed Member

    all the very best to both of you....... sad dates tho !? :clap:
  4. treblif

    treblif New Member

    And its worth 30% of the year aswell so a bit of pressure on us them nights.
  5. I dont know when mine is, really need to find out. I'm playing Haydn's trumpet concerto and The Girl From Ipanema. I'm scared now...
  6. Rach_Horn

    Rach_Horn Member

    Im playing the second movement from Ellerby's horn concerto and a study by bergonzi thats on the abrsm grade 8 list. We get less than 10 mins to do ours!!! What exam board are u with ?
  7. lewis

    lewis Member

    Pretty good excuse for a bit of drunkeness that night tho ;-)
  8. treblif

    treblif New Member

    Im with edexcel and have to do a 20 min recital and four other performances throughout the year.

    So how nervous are you already because getting into university could rest on this for me.
    :eek: :eek: :eek:
  9. kate_the_horn

    kate_the_horn New Member

    i did (on t-horn) -my mock was today

    Song of the Seashore
    Variations on a Welsh Theme (yes i know!!)
    and i was planning on playni higgyjig, but my music teacher pressed stop too early, and i might be doin Gareth Glyns Rumba instead, next tue (the real thing)

    i was very nervous and almost fainted 2wice.
    played with a nasty ulcer just above my punchbag in my mouth as well!

    1 of an A (on my mock!!)
    but i cant practice this weekend coz of blackpool!
    kel xx
  10. Rach_Horn

    Rach_Horn Member

    I dont really like the pieces im playing :-( because ive only picked them so they fit into the time limit! What uni u doin music at? I wish we got to do a longer performance and less of the other stuff!
  11. barry toan

    barry toan New Member

    Yeah, but that 20mins includes applause, time to empty your slides of water, etc, etc, etc! You only need to play for 14 mins! Also you don't ACTUALLY have to play 4 other performances throughout the year, you just have to record one!

    Trust me, Im an examiner! ;)
  12. ahhh A2 ... i was a composer, i got out of all that crap ... heh heh heh

    although for AS i did ...

    Variation on the Ash grove - John Iveson - on a Bass Trom
    Canon a.4 - J.S.Bach arr. R Newton - on Tuba [with a four track]
    Fantasy Piece #6[?] - Derek Bourgeois - Tuba

    the best part was after playing the bass trombone piece, my friend kia said 'Oh, i didn't realise you were that good' - which amused me anyway
  13. treblif

    treblif New Member

    Don't tell me this just as I have soreted everything. I did my recorded solo this morning and am having a practise for my recital with my teacher this afternoon so I will quiz her on this point as I have 20 minuets playing time at the moment.

  14. Laserbeam bass

    Laserbeam bass Active Member

    Please note that Barry Toan didn't say what he examined though :oops:
  15. Liz Courts

    Liz Courts Active Member

    Good luck to everyone who's got there recital coming up! I did mine about a month ago! Did most of it on the piano though. I think it went ok...:)
  16. Dawnys_flug

    Dawnys_flug Member

    Mine's on 18th May too! I guess you do AQA board Rach_Horn?
    And it's the day after the Y13 leaving party/ball thing!! How gutted were we when we found out!!!
  17. Rach_Horn

    Rach_Horn Member

    You poor thing! What you playing? Which school do you have to go to to take it?

    Yer i am with AQA
  18. No way that's harsh! I'm with AQA too so hopefully mine wont be until May!
  19. aimee_euph

    aimee_euph Member

    mine is one the 26th/27th April, and I am playing

    Napoli - arr. Geofrrey Brand
    O Sole Mio - ??
    3pieces from Songs of the Auvergne
    Zebekiekos - Wilby

    As for edexcel, you are meant to do 4pieces, but it's only your teacher who marks it and it's the recital that gets sent off.
  20. Dawnys_flug

    Dawnys_flug Member

    My programme is still being revised (i have a few pieces and need to get the perfect combo for time and contrast etc.- really should have done it before now but i've been too busy! I will inform of my pieces when final decision is made! :) )

    Erm well i'm doing mine at my school, Lady Manners, Bakewell. There's a visiting examiner coming in to do it. Do you have to go somewhere else other than your school?

    Oooo and is your set work The Firebird?

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