a walk on the light side - Hendon Band of The Salvation Army

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    Received into stock in time for the launch event this Saturday evening is the latest CD from Hendon Band of The Salvation Army called a walk on the light side.

    The catalyst for this recording is the commemoration of two notable events in the modern history of the band. Firstly, the 21st anniversary of its hugely popular annual Hendon Highlights concert and secondly, a tour to the western states of the USA.

    Here's the track list;
    Montclair Citadel (Stephen Bulla)
    From that Sacred Hill (Dick Krommenhoek)
    Ye Banks and Braes (Traditional arr. Morrison)
    Carnival of Venice (Harry James arr. Freeh) Cornet Soloist - David Daws
    Go Down Moses (Leonard Ballantine)
    Hine e Hine (Traditional arr. Graham)
    Simple Gifts (Ray Steadman-Allen)
    Knowing You (Trevor Davis)
    Joshua (Pearce/Kaiser/Mayfield arr. Hayward) Trombone Soloist - Paul Hopkins
    Don't Let the Devil (Graeme Press arr. Silfverberg)
    The Wonder of it All (George Beverly Shea arr. Smith)
    All To Jesus (Eiliv Herikstad)
    Since Jesus (Leonard Ballantine)
    David of the White Rock (Traditional arr. Bowes) Cornet Soloist - Matthew Cobb
    Tomado de la Mano (Erik Silfverberg)
    Every Time I Feel The Spirit (Norman Bearcroft)
    Folk Festival (Shostakovich arr. Cordner)
    Swedish Folk Song (Traditional arr. Graham)

    The CD was added to the World of Brass website last night and is available for ordering by clicking HERE.
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  2. It's a super album. I think the contrasts are brilliant on it. It starts off with a super march with a slight spooky growing feeling in the quiet parts ,then linked with the brisk loud parts ,one of Bulla's best.Carnival of Venice is a more swingy version of the tune you would expect but David Daws passes it with flying colours.My favourite has to be "Don't let the Devil" for some reason ,just like it!:biggrin:

    All in all a quality new cd which I bought straight away and glad I did ,it's cheered me up no end these last few weeks. I give it 9/10

    It would get 10/10 if it had Island Dreams on it :wink:

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