A uniquely fun and educational experience

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    A uniquely fun and educational experience

    AS Muse 2006 (Singapore’s new and unique youth music festival designed especially for brass and wind bands) draws closer, more musical groups from around the world are keen to get involved.

    The Festival will take place in venues across Singapore from 13 to 19 April 2006 and groups from England, China, Singapore and Australia have expressed a keen interest to take part.

    With such a great response to the first festival, the organisers from Orient Explorer are again sending out an extended invitation to more brass and wind bands from around the world to come and join in the fun.

    Muse 2006 will be a uniquely fun and educational experience for everyone who takes part and performers are offered first-class concert performances, friendly yet competitive competitions, workshops with experienced and renowned musicians and the chance to share and learn about music from all countries and cultures.

    Musical business aside, performers will be able to share the sights and sounds of Singapore which is fast becoming one of the greatest arts hubs in the world, with visits to Sentosa Island, the Singapore River, water theme parks and world renowned places such as the Raffles Hotel and the amazing Esplanade Concert Hall, home of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

    On top of all of this Orient Explorer will endeavour to help visiting groups with cheap accommodation and offer advice on funding. So don’t hesitate any longer. If your groups is interested in attending Muse 2006, contact the team straight away.

    To find out more about MUSE 2006, log onto:

    Released September 2005
    by Tabby Clegg
    on behalf of MUSE 2006
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