A true and amazing anecdote

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  1. mikelyons

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    Year 8 Music class writing a tune out preparatory to playing it...

    Pupil "I don't get it."
    Teacher "What don't you get?"
    Pupil "Wot we af't do."
    Teacher "Copy the music off the board."
    Pupil "But I don't get it."
    Teacher "Copy it. Onto the music page in your book. Copy the letter names under the notes. Do you understand?"
    Pupil "Yes....but I don't get it."
    Teacher "There's nothing to get, just copy it out. Is it clear? Can you see it from your desk?"
    Pupil "Yes...But I don't understand."
    Teacher "OK. what don't you understand?"
    Pupil "Wot we af't do."
    Teacher "Copy. You know what copy means? Even though it has two syllables, it's still quite a short word. You should be able to manage."
    Pupil "Yes... Do we have to copy it then?"
    Teacher "Yeees."
    Pupil "Into our books? In pencil?"
    Teacher "What do you think?"
    Pupil "Yes."
    Teacher "Then do it!"
    I thought I was remarkably restrained, myself. However, I would not like to have been wearing a blood pressure monitor during this exchange.

    This is the future of our country.:rolleyes:
  2. Charmed

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    I don't get it! ;)

    Sorry, joke, keep your blood pressure down.:biggrin:
  3. bigmamabadger

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    I've had similar conversations at work where the basic premise is "Take this book away and read it. Then you'll know the answer. No, I'm not going to read it for and tell you the answer. If I knew the answer I wouldn't tell you anyway. No I can't tell you which page number the answer will be found on."
    They frighten me sometimes...
  4. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    One thing I have found useful is reverse psychology. If I want something copying I say "Do not copy this. I want it in your own words."
    If I want it written in their own words with their own spelling and grammatical errors I say "Copy this, word for word." Works most of the time.

    It's alright, I've calmed down a bit now.:rolleyes:
  5. Liz Courts

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    Eek...this is why I'm trying to avoid becoming a teacher at the end of my course...!
  6. mikelyons

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    I could never be a primary school teacher. I can't stand little babies. I was never that fond of my own 3 and I can't abide other peoples' babies. Just the thought of it makes me go cold.

    Some of my colleagues go all gushy at the mention of babies. I just rush for the loo.
  7. Di

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    Oh Mike, I bet you're such a softy under that harsh exterior you like to show us. ;)
  8. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    ...a nice little chianti and some fava beans? :evil:
  9. mikelyons

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    OK, so you're going to laugh at me.

    Lyons has gone soft you'll say.

    Poor old man's losing the marbles at last.


    I've just come back from our open evening for prospective 6th formers and the enthusiasm and interest they showed kept me talking for two solid hours. This is why I came into teaching - These are the future of our country, not the dorks who can't follow simple instructions.

    These are the folks who will call their offspring John, Margaret, Catherine and David, not Star, Canada, Paris or (and yes this is true) Chlamidia.

    I just hope they don't all come back - I really don't fancy teaching a class of 23 now that I'm in my dotage.:eek:
  10. Di

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    See? I told you. A big softy. ;)
  11. bigmamabadger

    bigmamabadger Active Member

    Obviously most of the books in hte library are text books, but we have a pretty good fiction section too, and I just love it when they come back with a book they've read, all enthusiastic, asking if there's anything more by that author. Seem to have a lot more boys reading fiction this year too for some reason. The readers provide a nice respite from the sulky flouncers who slouch in and out of the library as if they're under some kind of death sentence.
  12. honey bun

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    You're kidding :eek:
  13. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    Not even remotely. :mad:

    We had one family where the parents named all their children after cars. There was..
    and another one (girl I think) she ended up with Peugeot, I think. Good job there was no boy. He'd have ended up as Morris Minor!

    Let's not even tink about going for a ride...
  14. Sopha

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    Whts This All About??
  15. mikelyons

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    It started off as a way of me releasing my pent up frustration with children who don't understand simple commands in what is supposed to be their native language.

    BMB, we had a library. It had loads of books from reference books to fiction to real-life to current affairs.

    Now we have a Learning Centre, which is the biggest misnomer I have come across recently. There are only about 1/4 (at a push) of the number of books that it used to have and seems to be used by the 6th form as a general dossing and game-playing area when they don't want to do any work - which seems to be most of the time.

    I am one of only a few staff who thought the whole school was supposed to be a learning centre (Well, it is a Centre of Learning) with the library as a major resource for research and reading etc. But then we're only teachers. :dunno