A thread for ONLY Whit Friday first timers (or those who remember there first time)

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by DublinBass, May 23, 2005.

  1. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    A thread for ONLY Whit Friday first timers (or those who remember their first time)

    This was my first Whit Friday and I have to say as much as it was what I expected, something seemed a bit short of the "greatest band experience of my life!!" I was hoping if the other first timers of tMP could help me figure out what it was.

    First of all the thing that struck me first was how fantastic the scenery of the area was!!

    Then, as we pulled in to Denshaw (our first stop), I heard YBS on the stand which was quite good!!!

    I was also quite please with all the people in the audience at each venue...Dobcross was an especially nice environement!!

    I also couldn't believe how at almost every venue I seemed to have friends in the band both before and after mine (mostly thanks to tMP ;) )

    We only got to 6 venues in 6 hours or so...

    but why didn't I feel the complete satisfaction? I mean it was loads of fun, but is there anybody else like me?

    What did all you 1st timers enojoy/ miss?
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  2. Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders Active Member

    As a local lad, I dont really appreciate the scenery

    I suppose for me whit fridays about getting round as many contests as possible and seeing all my mates out and about...

    I suggest if you want to see and do everything next year, you should book into a local hotel and go to Uppermill for the processions in the morning... Its a great atmosphere...

    Plus its always best to finish somewhere like Delph... The end of the night it is filled with bandsmen...
  3. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    First of all Sandman...I doubt this was your first time...nor that you can remember your first time so you shouldn;t have been posting here:p

    I saw 6 contest...which is okay from waht I consider...I saw lots of mates on the marchin path, which was fantastic (can't belive I kept running into the Stannington and St Sebastian lot)

    I should try ther morning processions though (the St Sebsastions group mentioned that...I think)

    Greenfield was a nice plac eto finish to as we were at the Boars hurst Band Cluband saw Barnsley, YBS, Stafforshire and Brighouse!!
  4. BbBill

    BbBill Supporting Member

    Werent you drunk, trying to march with a pint in 1 hand and instrument in other?! (ala brassed off style!!)

    It was my 1st whit friday too and I thot it was brilliant! We did a 740 mile round trip to play with Denham & Hendon, (a band I'd never heard off before!) but a great bunch, made new friends, played a new march, marched for 1st time and had a great time! Playing in Delph and Dobcross was a fantasic experience, one that I wont forget! With all the people there, cheering as you march down, even tho you're out of step, playing wrong notes and the trombones are miles ahead!

    We're even thinking on bringing our own band down next year to take part! Roll on 2006!
  5. yorkie19

    yorkie19 Active Member

    The enduring memory of my first Whit Friday was marching down the hill at Delph to 'Death or Glory' only to see a woman step forward slightly from the right hand side and shout "You're ****e".

    My dad and I nearly ****ed ourself with laughter, and it ain't easy trying to play a Bb bass and laugh at the same time.

    Ah. Happy Days.
  6. Also my first Whit Fridays, can't stop talking about it.

    I agree coming from Norfolk which is nice enough but pretty flat, whatever i go 'up North' i spend ages just taking in the views.

    All the people were great, same enthusiasim for every band. Real community spirit.

    I felt happy with 6 venues, could of gotten a couple more in if bus routes had allowed but finished feeling slightly tired and satisfied.

    What an awesome day.
  7. becks164

    becks164 Member

    well my first time was my youth band at home, and we was so excited to do it i missed it in 2003 cause i had my media a leval final, but last year was fantastic i dint mind the waiting around and listening to all the bands playing the same as us gave us a bit of a challenge that year. but this year i did it with another band that was an experiance, we played after YBS boy they were good lol.
  8. Red Elvis

    Red Elvis Active Member

    I'd love to have a go at this next year (Any chance laserbeam bass of getting Becontree up there?) .If not with my band will be more than happy to dep for anyone !
  9. Di

    Di Active Member

    Simple my dear man! Even tho you ended at Greenfield, as did the tMP band, you missed being Mumsie'd & Vickitorious'd. ;):biggrin:
  10. Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders Active Member

    It wasnt my first time, but I do remember my first time, I was about 12, it was the night of my first beer... My older brother was buying me sneeky pints!! :)
  11. Big Twigge

    Big Twigge Active Member

    My first time was last year with BOC....what an experience;).

    I can still remember the look I got from the whole cornet section when I put a cracker of a wrong note, that's about all I can remember though...
  12. Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders Active Member

    To be fair most of us were throwing in wrongs notes... But it was a good night... Especially when we played Thomas the Tank Engine in Dobcross... :cool:

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