A "thankyou" to tMP'ers from Bob at BBA

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    Just a note, which seems somewhat inadequate, but nevertheless, a note say a huge thank you for the overwhelming support that tMP and the tMPer's have given since the Brass Band Aid initiative began.

    The effort at the weekend was a superb contribution, not just financially, but from what I gather, the amazing enthusiasm that you all generated and the resultant increased awareness for BBA and of course, quite correctly, for tMP too. As already mentioned in an earlier posting, we were bitterly disappointed that we were unable to make it at the weekend to join you, however, it really was a case of needs must and not a reflection of the value BBA place on your support, far from it.

    To put into context the difference you will make, please have a look at this basic list of what £10 can do for the project in Adet, Ethiopia that the Brass Band movement via BBA are supporting

    • 1000 Cds will build a school library and equip it.
    • One Cd will buy a school uniform
    • Two Cds will buy a buddy desk, seats two children doubling the capacity of children able to attend the school
    • Three Cds will buy a Toilet block! Improving hygiene and reducing the chances of water supplies becoming contaminated.
    • Four Cds will buy a set of football nets: Helping to build team spirit, helping communities to work together with a sense of purpose and identity all from the gift of football nets.
    • Five Cds will buy. School classroom equipment. A school is much easier if you have a classroom with furniture in it. Stock a classroom with black boards, desks chairs and stationary to help children learn and give them pride in their education and their school.
    • Six Cds will buy seeds for a class, educate and provide fresh vegetables at the same time. By teaching children how to grow fresh vegetables you will improve the school dinners and teach the children the basics of agriculture.
    • Thirty Cds will buy 2 uniforms for each child in a whole class.
    • Thirty Cds will also buy or train a new teacher and hundreds of children will benefit!
    Once again, thank you all so much for the support.

    Bob Thompson on behalf of everyone in and around BBA.

    PS: now dont sit back on ya bums thinking, "Well we've done our bit, that will get Bob off our case", WRONG! we know where YOU LIVE!. KEEP IT GOING, 'MUSIC MAKING' A DIFFERENCE
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    Wow! It is wonderful to know that we can contribute to making the lives of individuals less fortunate than ourselves, better.:)
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    I was watching GMTV a couple of weeks ago, and a feature on the programme was of a 15 year old girl African girl whose ambition it was to become a lawyer. Her ambitions were similar to many young people in the UK... The difference was that the facilities in this particular 15 year old's school were poor.. GMTV and charities within the UK set about a challenge to build a classroom.. After the work was completed ( the classroom was basic, but had all essential items needed for it to be fully functional) In addition to this this 15 year old African girl lived in a house which had no windows in, and no room for her to study.. Like with the classroom, various indiviuals set about to make a suitable room for this young girl to study... They put windows in her home, curtains... and they even added some decor.. basic but effective. When the young girl saw what had been done she was very grateful (her emotions and expressions showed this).
    I had a tear in my eye... This girl appreciated what had been done for her, and it was a reletivaley small offering ...

    Yvonne x