A stitch in time.

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Jonny5Stars, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Jonny5Stars

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    A "friend" of mine had a mucocele removed from his lower cornet playing lip today. A mucocele is a pea-sized cyst caused by a blockage of a minor salivary gland, possibly due to trauma by playing brass. He currently has three dissolvable sutures in his lip and has been advised no playing for ten days.:(

    Has anyone else had a friend with a similar problem. How long did it take them to recover and did they recur? Were there any problems afterwards.

    He did ask the specialist whether he would be able to hit top C's afterwards and the specialist said yes. Interesting as he couldn't before the op.
  2. BbBill

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    Ive got something like that in the inside of my cheek, after I bit it while eating my tea at one point, as you do!! I must of bit it bad enough this time to cause this thing to appear. The dentist said something along the lines of what you're saying, it was a blocked salivary gland, he called some other fancy name that Ive no hope in remembering tho!

    Ive havnt had anything done to it yet as it doesnt really bother me, altho I still catch it sometimes while eating. He said he could remove it if I wanted, and said it was quite easy and would have no problems after, but I wasnt chancing at the time as I wasnt sure how long I would have to wait before I could play again properly!

    Altho that specialist must work wonders if your friend will be able to hit all these top C's afterwards!!!
  3. gawber

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    My son went over the handle bars of his pushbike last summer. He lacerated his lower lip and it required sutures. He has had to alter where he places his mouthpiece to avoid the scarred area.
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    I have nightmares about my lips being mashed up! Or fingers broken, teeth knocked out...I very rarely go for more than a day without playing, if I had to go for 10 I think I'd go mad!!

    I do have a little lump on the inside of my bottom lip. It gets bigger (and slightly sore) when I've been playing a lot. I think it's due to pressure (I use loads :oops: ) and the fact that my teeth are slightly crooked and dig in to my lip when I use a lot of pressure.

    Do you think this miracle doctor could make me play good super c's?? I'm pretty happy with my top C's (and D's, E's, and all the way up to A's) but my super c's are only occasional and could do with being a bit louder!?!?!
  5. BrianT

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    D'you mean written SuperC on an Eb sop or on a Bb instrument? SuperC on a Bb would be eye-watering enough. Never actually played one...
  6. Bryan_sop

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    On Bb. Never got that high on sop! :eek: