A Sporting Weekend for the Cobham Band

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    A tenor horn gallop?

    Not quite, but "Frolicking Trombones" (Reginald Heath's "Frolic for Trombones") were in action on Saturday 25th of July at the Thames Ditton Regatta as The Cobham Band accompanied the races along the river to the excited cheers of the club members.

    And the Cobham Band's irrepressible trombones were frolicking again on Sunday in Greenwich Park on Sunday 26th to mark the Royal Park's 3 year countdown to London's 2012 Olympics.

    The band were straight out of the blocks on the downbeat of their Musical Director, David Ruel, with a blistering rendition of "Westward Ho!" which got the crowd's feet tapping.

    And during their two sets as part of a well organised world music "Heatwave" event in Greenwich Park, the band took the audience to South America ('Gabriel's Oboe', from the Mission), New Zealand ('Hine-e-Hine'), America ('Flashdance - What a Feeling'), Spain ('Amparito Roca'), Germany ('Beethoven's Romance') and Africa ('Zambezi') and back home again with plenty of British brass band classics; a truly Olympian programme as a prelude to London 2012.

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