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  1. drummergurl

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    weeeeell what to say?!?! this is my 5000th post.. and what a week to hit 5000 posts!!!

    i have a couple of things to celebrate, im sure some of you lovely people will have seen a thread i posted a couple of days ago proclaiming how fantastic i feel after handing in english coursework.. and now i have handed in every single piece of coursework i needed to! not only has that happened this week... but i officially left compulsory school education today, any education i get now, is by choice!

    i have had such an amazing week, i cant find words to describe it!

    i really would like to thank everyone who's been there for me the past few months. and to everyone i know, whether you realise it or not, every single one of you has helped me through the past few months. :clap: :tup thank you all so much!

    well, tomorrow is a brand new day, and it brings with it new things (and a band contest im playing in).

    all im gunna say now, is watch out blackpool, your gunna have one vvvv happy girlie around tomorrow who is gunna celebrate a teeny bit :wink: :tongue:
  2. meandmycornet

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    keep being happy!! and keep posting!!
  3. Di

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    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! A whole summer of being able to feed the ducks. :biggrin:;)
  4. HorniKaz

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    You're very welcome our favourite drummergurl!! Its been hard putting up with you...... JOKE!! Love ya loads & here's to the next 5000!! :clap: