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    I would like to share a story with you all. When my Mother was alive, and living in her home town of Haverfordwest, she ran the Red Dragon Theatre Group for children and teenagers. She constantly spoke about a girl who first started when she was at Primary School. My Mother taught her acting, singing, and also gave her elocution lessons. This young lady went on to study Performing Arts, and Graduated with a 1st Class Honours. Like many talented people, she attended many auditions, and, in her own words, was always the Bridesmaid, never the Bride. She sat in a London office doing telesales, constantly seeking her opportunity. When Andrew Lloyd Webber decided to run a Saturday Night Show on BBC1, where the public could vote for the young lady to play "Maria" in Lloyd Webbers new West End production of the Sound of Music, this young lady went for auditions, along with six thousand others! My Mother was known as Mrs P, and when she died two years ago, this young lady phoned my Dad in tears, saying that Mrs P would never see her in the West End. Maybe she won't, but many people will, including all of Mrs P's family, because tonight, CONNIE FISHER won "How do you solve a problem like Maria".
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    Fascinating story Tim. I know you loved your mother very, very much, so tonight's TV show must have brought back many happy memories and been a very proud moment for you. All that's needed now to add another chapter to this story is for Connie to perform your arrangement of 'My Little Welsh Home'.


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    Thank you for that kind comment Roger - with "Wem" of course ;)
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    I have to say that program wasn't really my cup of tea, but it has to be said, having seen it while Deb was watching it, she is perfect for that role and has a voice that anyone would want to have.

    That lady is an immense talent, your mum did a fantastic job there.
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    Small world!

    I didn't see every programme, but it was obvious from an early stage that Connie was "the one". :clap:

    (I even picked up my 'phone and voted for her!)
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    What a lovely story!
    I think Connie is great - I'm so pleased she won - she really deserved it, she was the best right from the very beginning! I'm looking forward to going to see the show in November.