A Short Guide to Preparing to Record a Brass Band CD

Discussion in 'tMP Library' started by KMJ Recordings, Oct 31, 2005.

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    Forgive me if I'm a little vague - I've just got back from 30 hours in a labour ward :eek:

    I'm afraid you're asking very qualitative questions that are very difficult to answer with any certainty. As Dyl has already highlighted, there are many interpretations of the words "acceptable" and "successful" and your definitions may vary greatly from mine.

    To partly answer the direct question, though, if you're wanting to do 8 tracks on a full multitrack and edit basis given a good production team you should be able to do the recordings in a day (although it might be extended from the more usual 6 hours), followed by about half the usual post production time. On the scale you're looking at, you'll be looking at a CDR production run so budget up to about £2 per CD (depending on your artwork specification). I'd specifically look at tailoring your programme such that it fits with the Limited Availability Licence from the MCPS so you can have a maximum of 500 units for a flat licence fee of (currently) £70.50.

    The actual cost of the recording / editing can vary wildly, depending on who it is you get to do it for you, I'm afraid - so I can't give you a direct answer without advertising ;)
  2. Thats absolutely fine. Even that much detail gives me a good idea. I am doing Music Technology for A level so know a bit about recording. I've made some 'successful' (...!) recordings of our brass band and the Grenadier Guards when they played in a concert with us.
    The costs that you've listed there would be the kind of costs we would have as I can beg for or borrow the recording equipment.
  3. KMJ Recordings

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    Remember which things are important to a recording:

    The performance
    The performers (and to an extent the Producers)
    The venue
    The tech people
    The gear.

    In that order ;)

    A bunch of flashy gear does not automatically make a good recording...it''s just as much about people skills as it is anything else, which is why your production team is important.
  4. Yeah, i would agree with that order. I think my head of music would also agree, he doesn't like spending money on the kit...!
  5. DaveR

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    :eek: Is there an election on? :tongue:

    ...coat. :oops:

    P.S. I presume congratulations are in order?
  6. I love how this thread is called a SHORT guide to preparing to record a brass band CD! Look at the length of it?!
  7. KMJ Recordings

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    There's a new, extended version available on a self running Powerpoint CD ;)
  8. KMJ Recordings

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    My good lady produced our daughter Charlotte Alexandra at 11.15am this morning :biggrin:

    Best production we've made this year ;)

    Ba doom Tish! :redface:
  9. DaveR

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    Then many congratulations to you all! :clap:
  10. I believe that's ALMOST advertising... Who cares!? Thank you for all your advice and contribution to this subject. It's really helped me feedback to my band about the possibilty of recording.
  11. Alan MacRae

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    Trying not to advertise here, Sam, but I have recorded and edited a few CDs, and am very close to Swindon. If you want details, pm me.

    If you want feedback on quality ask Nigel Hall (MMI Music)
  12. KMJ Recordings

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    Funnily enough, so have I :hammer
  13. Alan MacRae

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    See, I knew it would come out wrong, no matter what way I tried to say it. Wasn't trying to steal a customer, honest. Consider me duly chastised :roll:
  14. KMJ Recordings

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    I'll let you off, Alan ;)

    I've a feeling that he wants a go himself - absolutely no harm in that whatsoever, so long as the expectations remain real (which is actually a factor in every recording no matter who does it)
  15. If either of you guys would like to see how recordings done very simply the way I did them before, please take a look at our website www.greatwesternyouth.com It now has a media player at the top so you can listen to 30 second clips of recordings of our 3 young bands and the Grenadier Guards.
    Your comments on the sound?
  16. Alan MacRae

    Alan MacRae Member

    Can't get anything here at work, Sam. But I will have a listen at home later.
  17. strongbow

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    What are you doing on here? Don't you have something more important to look after!!!

    Congratulations on the arrival of your 'bundle of happiness' yesterday. :clap:

    All the very best wishes to you and Paula and hope everyone is well.

  18. KMJ Recordings

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    Thanks Janet :D

    I'm in the middle of trying to reassemble the Moses backet and other assorted bits and bobs....I'm using this place as a bit of normality (if that exists in Banding ;) ).....and someone's got to pay for the nappies!

    Everyone's fine thanks - either home later today or tomorrow.


    p.s. @ 2007besson2052 ; If I get chance later I'll have a listen.
  19. Alan MacRae

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    Sam, had a listen and you're obviously doing great work with the beginners and intermediate. Keep it up :)

    If you want an opinion on the quality of recording, send me a pm.
  20. Thank you. I will keep that in mind. I use a HDD multitrack recorder, 2 condenser mics in an XY pattern at the front of the stage. This is all the kit I can use so just try to make the most of that. The youth band recordings on the website were taken from a video camera recording only!

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