A Saddleworth Festival Overture - the story behind it....

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    Does anyone know the story behind why this piece by Goff Richards (one of the best 4th section test pieces ever, IMHO...) is written around 'Waltzing Matilda'/ 'Advance Australia Fair' as well as songs more normally attributed to Saddleworth like 'Hail Smiling Morn'? I have a vague memory that someone once told me that there was an Australian Vicar in Saddleworth at the time it was written but if someone can be more specific, I'd be really grateful! Thanks!
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    Hmmm.? I heard he lived in Australia for a time and his house was called Saddleworth. I ask around at Bham this Sat.
    BTW It was used as the 1985 4th section nat finals test piece which my local band, Hesketh Bank won.
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    Just so you are aware, Saddleworth is an area of the pennines which is part of Oldham Metropolitan District but was originally in the West Riding of Yorkshire and thus the tunes 'Hail Smiling Morn' and 'Pratty Flowers' are heard.
    However the 'Waltzing Matilda' and 'Advance Australia Fair' relate to Saddleworth, Australia. Saddleworth being a small town just north of Adelaide, a town which Goff visited on numerous occasions.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Accidental

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    I heard the Aussie vicar story too, about 20 years ago.... pretty sure it was Roy Newsome who said it. Maybe both explanations are true?!
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    It was written to celebrate the twinning of Saddleworth UK and Saddleworth Australia. If you pop into uppermill civic hall there is a photo of Saddleworth in Oz. The Saddleworth festival was held once every few years to celebrate arts and crafts, music etc. The music was written to celebrate this festival along with the twinning of the two areas.
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    Got a feeling if you wait a couple of weeks a CD will be released with all the info you need about the piece ;)