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  1. waynefiler

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    I quite fancy getting into teaching, but unsure how to get started (yes I know, getting a pupil is a good start!).
    Can anyone recommend any good books on how to teach or has anyone got any good advice.

    many thanks

  2. pbirch

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    A better start would be qualifications, in music, instrumental playing and teaching. Your local FE college might be a good place to start off looking at.
    You would then need to decide do you want to teach adults and/ or children, if the latter, you will certainly need the CRB check.
    You may need an organisation behind you, for example a band or education authority, to supply you with
    premises, teaching resources and instruments
    I don't want to sound discouraging, but "quite fancying teaching" might not be enough to get you into it, you may have to get much more focused on what you want to do and what you have to offer.
    If you play with a band and they have a training band, that too might be a good place to start. Good luck.
  3. TrumpetTom

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    Get some lessons in teaching too off someone good and experienced, everything seems natural to someone who's been playing a long time and you need to be able to explain things that maybe you've forgotten and also you want to get the correct setup. Also making them play a bottom c for their first note isn't nessecarily a great idea ;) that is quite low
  4. DRW

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    However, with any new activity, trying it out before diving in and investing too much money and time isn't a bad option. Maybe have a trial run with a keen family member or friend?
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    Get to know your clientele. See if they like you and you like them. I know it seems simplistic but I have seen so many trainee/wanabe (and working) teachers who either don't like or are nervous around kids. Some of the brightest people I have known are kids, they can generally see through any waffle or bluster. The teachers who I see with the X factor don’t tend to be the most educated or the most teaching slang savvy or the most amazing players. They tend to be the ones who can have a laugh with the kids while keeping control of the situation, they can explain things in kid’s terms without patronising them and they can deliver fantastic lessons off the top of their head. I would be highly suspicious of ANY book that tells you how to teach, we are in the people business, not a production line.