A Prayer for Saturday

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by JessopSmythe, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. JessopSmythe

    JessopSmythe Active Member

    Our Father, who art in Millennium,

    Hwyl be thy name.

    Thy Grand slam come,

    Tries will be done,

    By Jones, Peel and Williams.

    Give us this day our bread of heaven

    And forgive us our offside,

    As we ruck those who trespass against us.

    And lead us not into bad discipline.

    But deliver us from Ireland.

    For Wales is the kingdom, the Dragon and the Daffodil. For ever and ever.

  2. bigmamabadger

    bigmamabadger Active Member

    5th columnist...

    Mind you, the chariot has swung to it's lowest point so I have no comeback at all...
  3. Big Twigge

    Big Twigge Active Member

    Marvellous! All day drinking session tomorrow, three rugby matches to watch.Can't wait, very excited!
  4. Red Elvis

    Red Elvis Active Member

    That would have been my plan too , except some eejit somewhere decided to have our regionals tomorrow !!!! Doh !!!

    If there is no TV in the bar at Stevenage , I will not be held responsible for my actions !!!

    Had originally tipped Ireland this year , but now will be keen to see Wales win - its about time we had a strong Welsh side back in contention.

    Having said that , come back with a Gold cup called Bill from France in 07 and then I'll start listening to your hymns and arias !!!

    The chariot is merely in for temporary refit and mileage check - we will return!!!
  5. Laserbeam bass

    Laserbeam bass Active Member

    Not only have they put the contest on the fateful day, but someone who shall remain nameless, but is a user of tmp, has booked a rehearsal from 5 to 6 and no doubt we will play somewhere between 6.30 and 8 pm thus missing the whole game.
  6. bigmamabadger

    bigmamabadger Active Member

    I have a whole weekend to myself, EvilDaddyBadger and LittleBabyBadger have gone off to Grandma's until Sunday.

    Shall I:
    a) get slaughtered in front ot the rugger all alone?
    b) do some housework?
    c) go for a nice big walk in the Peak District
    d) have a manicure, a facial and a nice bath with lots of chocolate and a weepy video (Brassed Off)?

  7. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    Amen to that........
  8. Big Twigge

    Big Twigge Active Member

    Option A,, but you can always come down to Oxford and watch the rugby with me...I'm sure I can find some cheap wine somewhere!
  9. bigmamabadger

    bigmamabadger Active Member

    Caz, I'd love to, and thanx for the lovely offer. :D However, my reason for not visiting the MiL is that I have to baby-sit the cat.
    I think if it became known that I'd actually spent the w/e revisiting old haunts and getting ****ed with students I'd be a Miss Badger, not a Mrs Badger...:rolleyes:

    Rugger and a bottle of Nasty Spewmuchly it is...
  10. Big Twigge

    Big Twigge Active Member

    Cats are welcome here, but for the sake of your marriage maybe you should just get drunk alone with a bottle of lambrini, a bottle of sambuca and six hours of watching sexy rugby players running around getting dirty in little shorts....

  11. bigmamabadger

    bigmamabadger Active Member

    Yep, that's what it's going to be. Have already justified my existence by going for big walk in Peak District this morning and texting everyone I could think of from the top of the trig point to boast about my acheivments. Now for the boozing and the leching.
    Although Italy-France slightly boring, am awaiting kick-off of Wlaes-Ireland and Calcutta Cup later.

    Hey I've just realised, I know the people who put the turf down at both Twickers and the Millenium Stadium! Sadly I have no insider knowlege at this point but will atempt to suborn them.

  12. Big Twigge

    Big Twigge Active Member

    Italy- France was a bit boring, but some good fighting went on!
    Now to get to the next pub to watch the England match. . .
  13. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Much rejoicing at Stevenage when the result came through - well done Wales ;)

    :clap: :clap: :clap:
  14. Sharpy

    Sharpy Member

    Nice prayer, but aren't you English JessopSmythe?! You certainly sounded it when I knew you!

    Well done Wales though!!
  15. bigmamabadger

    bigmamabadger Active Member

    Jessop-Smythe is a mole, working to undermine the Welsh from within. Mind you, he is slightly Welsh on his mother's side. Enough to play Rugby for them anyway...
  16. JessopSmythe

    JessopSmythe Active Member

    I'm adopted Welsh! Been here nearly 8 years, my son was born in the Rhondda and I speak more Welsh than many of my colleagues!

    Hows life treating you at the other end of the celtic scale? Cold up there?
  17. Sharpy

    Sharpy Member

    ****** freezing and the footballs pish as they say up here! Congrats on the littel one, thats very grown up!! Got a 5 month old little girl myself now. Starting to feel old!!

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