A piece of Besson Euphonium history up for sale;

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Highams, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Highams

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    Besson 4v 'Enharmonic' Euphonium

    Your chance to own a piece of Besson manufacturing history.
    A 4 valve Enharmonic Euphonium in silver plate and low pitch (A440) serial number 101xxx dating it to around 1915.
    The Besson Enharmonic system rivalled the compensating system by Boosey and was developed in the late 1880's and still in production around the late 1920's. Available in both 3 & 4 valve models there are pictures of them in use with both Fodens & Black Dyke Bands of the 1912/1915 era.
    The system was based on the full double F horn where optional slides are offered depending on the valves used (in combination) to obtain perfect intonation.
    This model plays well for its age with good copper plate on all the valves, and I have used it in my recitals many times, but please don not expect it to play like a new instrument!
    The silver plate is well worn in places, but there are very actual dents in the body, please look carefully at the pics.
    All valves/slides/caps are free and the instrument has a had a full interior/exterior clean.
    It comes complete with a very basic black plastic shell case with a wooden interior.
    It's for collection only, but if you want to arrange a courier pick-up, I will ensure it's packed suitably.
    Or I can arrange to meet locally close to Heathrow M25/M3/M4 area.
    No returns.
    Any questions please ask.
  2. Dayv

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    Where are the pics?
  3. Highams

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  4. Ianroberts

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    There cant be that much history involved for 150 smackeroonies !

  5. julian

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    Of course there's history there - its all about the development of the euphonium and how we have arrived with the instruments that we have today! - Read up about the 'Enharmonic' system and learn!!
  6. Ianroberts

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    But for £150 the likelihood is it will be bought by a pub landlord with a 6 inch nail, a big hammer and a space on the bar wall !
  7. julian

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    Free market - beat him or her to it!

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